HYPER JAPAN Press Release

It’s Game Week!

HYPER SPLAT 24th – 25th July 

HYPER JAPAN will be welcoming the Splatoon UK Community this weekend, as teams battle it out in a Splatoon 2 tournament! This two day event will begin with qualifying rounds on Saturday, and finish with a single victorious team after Sunday’s Grand Final. 

You can follow the event by tuning into our livestream, hosted by the HYPER JAPAN MC’s, BOWIEtheHERO, Nimmz and Marc With a C. There are prizes available for the winners as well as a few select runner-up teams, but right now it’s all to play for! 

Online Panels 

As part of HYPER ONLINE we’ve organised three online panels, each covering different topics, but all totally free of charge. Our Japanese Music Panel was streamed live on July 13th and is now available online to check out, but there’s more online chat in store.  

On Monday 26th you can tune into the LGBT+ JAPAN PANEL, where we’ll be hearing from a range of voices about the LGBT+ environment of Japan. There’s also the Kawaii UK panel on Wednesday 28th to look forward to, a chance to explore the cute aesthetic of Japan brought to life in the UK. 

Archived Videos 

If you’ve missed some of the previous HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 events, you might be able to catch them stored on our official YouTube channel. Although you won’t be able to experience the live audience, you can still watch through our free HYPER Show, HYPER Fashion and HYPER Cosplay events which were held last week. Revisit some of the fantastic outfits, creative works of cosplay and unique performances of Fashion week! 

Virtual Shibuya Miyashita Park 

Powered by PARALLEL SITE, the virtual Shibuya Miyashita project brings one of Tokyo’s parks to the realm of virtual tourism.  In this heighted reality you can explore the recreation of the park, while also enjoying some more experimental features. These include an artistic exhibition from Nairu Yamamoto titled “YOU’RE THE WORLD”, sakura blossoms, fireworks, skateboarding and even bouldering, all while a day and night cycle changes the environment around you. 

You can access the online park by entering with a smartphone, laptop or similar device, but you can also connect using the social VR platform “VRChat”, designed mainly for users of VR headsets. 

Clearspring Seaweed 

Although Japanese cuisine makes extensive use of seaweed, in other countries like the UK its mineral rich quality and sustainable potential is often overlooked. Clearspring is a company looking to access the benefits of seaweed, as well as a range of other international ingredients. They’ve connected with Japanese food instructor Atsuko Ikeda, who’ll be leading a free demonstration workshop centred on seaweed inspired dishes. 

Book your place to watch Ikeda present three original creations, or check out the event on Facebook

Special offers on Books from Japan 

HYPER JAPAN has partnered up with Japan Book House to offer HYPER fans a discount on selected manga and books sent from Japan. From now until the 8th of August you’ll be able to purchase books from their online store with a 10% discount, by using the code “hyperjapanbook2021”. It only takes around five business days for books to arrives, so follow our link and check out what Japan Book House can offer! 

For more information on these or other events at HYPER Online! 2021, check out the HYPER JAPAN homepage or newsletter