HYPER JAPAN Press Release

Japanese Culture Week! Let’s get moving and singing!

Summertime fireworks and dances 

Summer is in full swing both in the UK and Japan, so we’ve got some events prepared to match the season. 

You can share some of Japan’s enthusiasm for fireworks by attending our free virtual fireworks event on July 31st, the HANABIRIUM. Find out the story of how fireworks reached Japan, as you watch a recorded display with 360 degree free camera movement! 

There’s also an upcoming workshop on Awa Odori, a dance which has featured in summer festivals and ceremonies for more than 400 years. It’s easier to learn that it sounds, and the Warakuren team from Tokyo will be on hand will be joining us on July 31st to explain the dance’s background. 

If you’re looking to get creative, check out the Sketch Dance Stage event this week and on August 29th and 30th! We’ll be uploading character designs that you make, and sending them directly to animated screens in Japan and YouTube Live! 

Immerse yourself in Japan 

Events this week will help you to get closer to the action. You might be interested in making your own path into Japanese, and our free Introduction to Conversations lesson with Mikiko Miyamoto on July 31st an excellent way to do that. 

If it’s traditional culture you’re excited about, you should definitely check out the Kengido Samurai Dojo course, led by Tetsuro Shimaguchi. With a wealth of experience, both as a scholar of Samurai arts and a physical performer, Testsuro will be leading some really engaging classes. 

Perhaps you’d like to check out some entertainment straight from Japan? Master of Rakugo Comedy Katsura Sunshine will be performing live with HYPER JAPAN Online, before continuing on with his world tour! Katsura is an experienced artist of this 400 year old style of comedic storytelling, and we’re really lucky to be able to catch him! 

Anyone who has their eye on the fashion trends in Japan or the world of cosplay will be interested in cosplay icon REIKA’s Haori making workshop. Another very experienced instructor, REIKA will be demonstrating each stage of the process as she creates this fashionable Kimono Jacket. 

Connecting online! 

The online phenomenon that is VTubers has reached HYPER JAPAN Online! There are a few different events to tune into, and plenty of performers to meet. We’ll be welcoming Natsumi Moe and Tori Thaiga, as well as the VTubers behind the Shirayuri Production team. That means tons of live content, and a whole range of different personalities to interact with. If you haven’t got found out enough about these online streamers yet, here’s a great opportunity to get involved! 

We’ve also got an event planned with Visual Kei band JILUKA on August 8th, when they’ll be streaming never before seen concert footage, as well as hosting a live Q&A session. The group won fans with their unique style and experiments into technical metal. VIP tickets are also available, but there is only a handful available, so make sure to grab them while you can.  

For more information on these or other events at HYPER Online! 2021, check out the HYPER JAPAN homepage or newsletter