HYPER JAPAN Press Release

Last week of HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021!

This year’s online festival is coming to an end, with our last events planned for August 8th. Hopefully you joined us to experience some Japanese culture, cooking, fashion, gaming, or anything else. Remember that many of the free events are now available online to view as part of our achieved footage. There’re still great events to see in the next few days though! 

Rakugo Comedy

We’ve saved one of the most exciting events for last in the form of Katsura Sunshine, a comedy performer who managed to break into the world of Rakugo. A traditional form of comedic storytelling more than 400 years old, Rakugo involves a handful of basic props and excellent skills in spinning a narrative. Read about Katsura and Rakugo here! 

Adachi Education Group

Are you interested in studying in Japan? Adachi Education Group run a broad range of vocational courses, spread across 17 different vocational schools. It’s a great way to find a place to study in Japan, particularly if you’re focused on art, business of tourism. 

You can find out more about Adachi Education Group on our website, but there’s also an opportunity to join them for a free comic illustration workshop this Saturday, on August 7th. 

Anime Tourism Association

There are many reasons to visit Japan, but many travellers are inspired by the internationally beloved artistry of anime. The Anime Tourism Association is getting involved by recognising real world location with key links to anime series. You can take a look at their online exhibition page, but there’s also a really exciting lottery to enter into. All you need to do is tell us your favourite real world anime location, and you’ll be entered into the competition. You could win a huge amount in expenses to be used for travel! 

Events Archive

HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 may be (almost) over, but so many of the great performances, panels, presentations and workshops have been safely stored on our official YouTube page! If you want to revisit fashion week or the Splatoon gaming fest, take a trip to the archive and you’ll be able to bring the energy back to life. Even some of our more unique tours and one off interviews are ready for viewing. Take a look at our online playlist, which is still growing! 

Collected Artists Archive

We’ve seen some fantastic music over the past few weeks, as well as interviews and Q&A sessions that brought us closer to Japanese artists and the work they create. There’s always ways to check out the releases from these artists, but right now the HYPER JAPAN YouTube channel is the only place to see exclusive content. That includes artists like Miura Ayme, singing cosplayer Hikari and even virtual YouTubers Natsumi Moe and MaRiNaSu. 

You can’t re-experience the live event, but you can replay the videos and shows as much as you like, by checking out our online YouTube archive playlist

More events to come

The festival may be over, but HYPER JAPAN will still be working to organise events that bring Japan to the UK, so keep track of updates, and sign up to our newsletter! One of the first new dates to add is August 14th, when we’ll be running a workshop centred on bringing creatures from the monstrous world of Yokai to life, with help from manga artist and previous HYPER JAPAN contest winner INKO!  


Keep Updated

With all this and much more, this July and August HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 brings the most exciting and amazing parts of Japanese culture direct from Japan into your heart. Don’t miss it!

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