HYPER JAPAN Press Release

Press Applications Now Open for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE! 2021

The largest celebration of Japanese culture in the UK is heading online, for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE! 2021. We’ll be connecting our audience with an amazing range of Japanese culture, cooking, cosplay and more, using a variety of online platforms. Our registration form for press is now live, and although limited spaces are available we look forward to seeing you online. For a taste of what’s to come, check out the selected events below. 

Sake Experience 

Our online Sake Experience is being hosted with support from a variety of breweries based in Japan, who will each run their own virtual tour, to be enjoyed alongside a sampling box delivered to each participant prior to the event.

Slots for press and influencers are now available, and we ask that those applying for spaces mention the Sake Experience in response to the question regarding which event you’re interested in. Please also remember that sampling boxes can only be shipped within the UK.  

Katsura Sunshine, Traditional Rakugo 

Katsura Sunshine is an internationally renowned performer of Rakugo, a form of comedic storytelling which been practiced for centuries. An immediately recognisable celebrity in Japan, Katsura Sunshine has dedicated more than decade of work to his craft, starting his apprenticeship with Master Katsura Bunshi VI in 2008. 

He’s previously performed on Broadway and the West End, and will soon be on the road to Broadway in New York, so this online show is a rare chance to see the magic of Rakugo brought to life by an expert. 


Those interested in samurai culture should absolutely look into the workshop run by Tetsuro Shimaguchi. SAMURAI artist KAMUI, Tetsuro Shimaguchi has worked both as a swordsman in films and as choreographer for them, with credits including involvement in the iconic Kill Bill Vol.1. He also founded the KENGIDO Samurai Dojo, pupils of which now extend across the US and Europe. 

His sessions will explore not just the mannerisms and teaching of samurai, but also physical movements and fluid performances of swordsmanship. 

Kimono Haori Jacket Making with REIKA 

We’re delighted to be welcoming cosplayer REIKA for this kimono jacket workshop. With more than 600 self-made costumes and invitations to 50 different countries to her name, REIKA will be able to perfectly communicate the method of designing and creating this stylish article of Japanese clothing. 

The explanatory course will be 90 minutes long, and will provide viewers will all the details they need to create their own Haori Jacket, as seen in recent anime blockbusters.  

Creating Lettering with Rie Takeda 

Rie Takeda is an artist/calligrapher who stands out for her alternative approach to Japanese art, embracing tradition but bringing new energy to the scene. She is well known for her series of painted neo Japonism poems, and has led many sessions internationally including with HYPER JAPAN. 

This mindful workshop will be a family friendly art workshop, using brushes homemade from natural materials to paint a scene of summer fireworks, creating a vibrant sumi-e ink painting and to finish with the Japanese kanji script  for flower 花 in a creative calligraphy style. 

Sumi-e Sunflowers with Akemi Lucas 

Calligraphy master and co-designer of the British Olympic team’s Tokyo media campaign, Akemi Lucas will be running this Sumi-e ink painting workshop.  

While participants follow Akemi’s guidance and create an illustration of sunflowers, they’ll discover more about the ancient history of Japanese ink painting. There will also be a focus on calligraphy, completing the artwork with the Japanese hiragana script for sunflower: ほほえみ. 

For more information on these or other events at HYPER Online! 2021, check out the HYPER JAPAN homepage or newsletter