HYPER JAPAN Press Release

Upcoming Special Features for HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021

HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 is drawing closer, and the team is getting busy bringing everything together. It’s time to start marking events on the calendar



Join with fellow ink slingers for a celebration of Splatoon 2! The HYPER SPLAT tournament is two days of squidling vs squidling action with thevictors taking a unique trophy as well as bragging rights. The 4th anniversary of this legendary title means this is an event not to be missed! 


Video game giant SEGA will not only be joining us via their own virtual booth but will also be hosting the opening weekend takeover on theHYPER JAPAN homepage!

Katsura Sunshine Rakugo

Rakugo is a style of comedic storytelling unique to Japan, and has been practiced for 400 years. Equipped with just a paper fan and small cloth, it’sup to the performer to bring the show to life! We’ll be hosting a show by famous western master Katsura Sunshine as part of his digital world tour. 

Geisha and Maiko Tea House Tour

Hosting the festival online has given us a rare opportunity to access exclusive spaces, including the secretive world of Kyoto’s Geisha and Maiko performers. This luxury tour will take participants into a tea house normally off-limits to the public, to experience traditional dance, music and other entertainment. 


Online Zazen Meditation

Join us for a beginner friendly class in Zen Buddhist meditation led by the vice priest of Daichuji Temple, Kojun Shimoyama. The session will beginwith a tour of the temple itself, which is based at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Numazu city and founded back in 1313. 

Samurai Sword Skills

This three day course will introduce participants to the life and habits of Samurai, focusing on the mannerisms and movements which underlie thesword techniques they studied. The workshop is hosted by the founder of Kengido Dojo, Tetsuro Shimaguchi, and features live performances ofswordplay.

Kimono Jacket (Haori) Making

Tokyo based cosplayer Reika will be the expert leading this workshop, as she guides you through the process of creating a lavish kimono jacketknown as a Haori. She’s created more than 600 costumes, and you can check out some of her amazing outfits on our website.

Learning to Wear a Yukata Kimono

A Yukata is a form of summer kimono, which you might have seen worn at Japanese festivals, hot springs and inns. It’s as elegant as it is difficult towear properly, so in this workshop lecturer Yuko Boff of the Omotesenke Tea School will be demonstrating the correct way this graceful outfit shouldbe worn.

Sumi-e and Creative Lettering

In this workshop contemporary artist Rie Takeda will be helping you to blend together sumi-e ink painting with an illustration of the Japanesecharacter for flower (花). It’s going to be a super creative experience, since you’ll be making your own brushes from natural materials or householdobjects!

Sumi-e Sunflowers

Master calligrapher Akemi Lucas is the expert on-hand for this workshop of traditional sumi-e ink painting. After some warm up exercises she’ll betaking participants through the process of creating two sunflower illustrations, in traditional black ink and vibrant orange yellow. 



We’re excited to announce yet another artist joining us at HYPER JAPAN ONLINE! Japanese singer-song writer MIKUROMIKA is about to releaseher feel-good debut album Mikuropop, but she’s made time to catch up with us via a livestream on July 21st as well as an early interview.

If you are interested in doing an interview with any artist, please send us your request – using this form.


24th June Free Fireside-Chat

As part of our Pride Month celebrations we’ll be gathering together three speakers for a casual discussion on LGBTQ+ initiatives and activity inJapan. The talks will range from changes in business to mental wellbeing, and is free for anyone interested in joining. 

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With all this and much more, this July and August HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 brings the most exciting and amazing parts of Japanese culture direct from Japan into your heart. Don’t miss it! 

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