Non-Corner Table(s) for Culture

£250.00 +VAT

You can purchase up to 4 tables. If you select a corner table, you can only purchase three other non-corner tables to stay within the limit of four.

11 in stock

Must not exceed total table number.


Table Merchandiser Package

Breakdown of the Package: 

Price: 250.00GBP +VAT 

  • Additional Corner Option: 50.00GBP +VAT 

Sales Space: 1.8m x 2.6m 

Category: Game & Anime / Fashion & Kawaii / Culture 

Purchasing limits per exhibitor:  

  • 4 packages in total 
  • Additional Corner Option: 1 corners 

Furniture provided: 

  • x2 Large Trestle Tables (W180cm x D75cm x H75cm) 
  • x1 Folding Chair 

Exhibitor Passes: x2 

Additional Backing Wall (Optional):  (120cm x 180cm) 80.00GBP +VAT