English Sushi Roll

Head of Chef’s prize sushi by Edward Hellewell, from the Original Sushi Competition 2003. Type: Maki sushi


1 roll

  • 200g sushi rice
  • 100g pickled beetroot
  • 50g beef (thinly sliced)
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Lightly stir-fry the beef adding some salt and pepper. Chop the beetroot finely.
  2. Divide the rice into four equal pieces and shape into rectangles. (Note: it is easier if you place each piece of rice on a sheet of cling-film and use this for all handling, shaping and positioning). Spread 25g beetroot on the adjoining faces of each piece so that from the end it appears as an L shape.
  3. Put two of the rice pieces together so the beetroot forms a T shape. Repeat this with the other two pieces, then put them all together so that the beetroot forms a cross.
  4. Wrap the beef slices around the sides of 3) then wrap in cling film and leave for the beef to mould to the sushi. Slice into 10 pieces.