Fishy Dishy Maki

Children’s Bronze winner Maki sushi¬† by Jake McEnroe(age 10), from the Original Sushi Competition 2003.


1 roll

    • 250g sushi rice
    • A whole sheet of nori (lightly toasted)
    • 25g sweet corn
    • 25g tomato
    • 25g boiled prawns
    • 25g carrot


*A bamboo rolling matt


  1. Boil the carrot to soften, adding the tomatoes at the last minute to loosen the skins. Peel them, then chop everything finely, along with the prawns and mix well.
  2. Mix 50g of the rice with 1).
  3. Place the nori on the bamboo rolling mat and soread the rest of the rice on it evenly, leaving 1cm free on the opposite side to you, then spread 2) in an even horizontal line along the middle of the rice.
  4. Place your thumbs at the back of the mat and lift it whilst supporting the filling with the rest of your fingers, then pressing lightly, roll it away from you.
  5. Unroll the mat, shape by pressing the ends, then slice into 8 pieces.