Tuti Sushi Cake

Chair of Judge’s prize sushi(New type) by Katherine Dar(age 11), from the Original Sushi Competition 2003.


4 pieces

  • 80g sushi rice
  • Some wakame (seaweed)
  • 8 small pieces of nori (4cm x 1cm each)
  • 8-12 thin slices of cucumber
  • 8-12 thin slices of apple
  • Some mozzarella cheese
  • Some orange peel


  1. Put the seaweed, then 10g of the rice into a 5cm-diameter mould (e.g. a cookie cutter)
  2. Next, in order, place the following ingredients into the mould: 2-3 slices of the apple, 2-3 slices of the cucumber, the mozzarella and 10g more rice, then decorate the top with the 2 pieces of nori.
  3. Remove the mould and shape the sushi into a smooth column.
  4. Repeat stages 1) to 3) four times.
  5. To add flavour, squeeze the orange peel over the sushi.