Litter picking World Cup UK Selection

SPOGOMI World Cup 2023 UK Stage

Take part in the first ever World Cup of Litter Picking!

Presented by The Nippon Foundation


Hosted by Social Sports Initiative

Pick up the most rubbish and claim your place in the


What is “SPOGOMI World Cup”?

SPOGOMI is an abbreviation of “Sport Gomihiroi (=picking up trash)”, a sport in which teams compete against each other for points awarded according to the amount and type of trash picked up in a given area within a set time limit. The slogan “Picking up trash is a sport!” is the slogan for the sport, which was born in Japan in 2008.

The attraction of this SPOGOMI is that not only is trash eliminated through competition, but with teamwork, and depending on strategy and tactics, anyone can “win,” regardless of age or gender.

This is the first time that this event will be held in order to reduce the amount of trash that flows into the ocean and to create an opportunity for many people to focus on the marine waste problem, as the problem of marine waste is becoming more serious worldwide, and most of the marine waste is generated from land and cities.

The winner of the qualifying tournament, which will be held in approximately 20 countries around the world, will represent their country and receive a ticket to the World Cup scheduled to be held in Japan (Tokyo) in November 2023.

About the UK qualifiers 

The beautiful parks of Hackney will serve as the pitch for the first ever UK SPOGOMI qualifiers. Join fellow litter pickers and help to keep these legendary London parks looking gorgeous.

Hackney Marshes is a mixture of natural and tended park with woodlands, fields, playing fields and nature reserves. It is popular throughout the year with locals, and regularly hosts events like the Hackney Marathon. Unfortunately this means lots of litter.

We are happy to be bringing SPOGOMI to the UK, and to really clean up this beautiful area.

Time and Date: 13:00 12th August 2023 (Saturday)

Location: Hackney Marshes – Google Map

First Prize: Trip to Japan

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