SPOGOMI World Cup 2023 Rules and Regulations

Basic Matters

Participants compete for points awarded according to the type and weight of trash picked up in a designated time and area. The team with the highest score will win.

The trash pickup will be 1 hour and the sorting will be 20 minutes. Points will be deducted if the time is exceeded.

A team consists of three members.

Multiple judges are stationed in the competition area to ensure safety and rule compliance. A caution may be given when rules are violated. If the violation is not corrected after multiple cautions, points will be deducted and the competitor will be disqualified.

Please observe traffic rules and other rules in addition to the rules set forth here, and conduct your activities safely.

Please be especially careful on narrow roadways. In the event of injury or accident during the competition, please immediately notify the judges and staff around you and ask for instructions.

Rules in terms of competition

The distance between the first and last member should not be more than 10 meters apart.

※The goal is reached when the last member crosses the finish line and reports to the judge standing at the finish line.

Do not run (fast walking is allowed)

  • Walking: Method of movement with either foot on the ground at all times
  • Running: a method of movement in which there is a moment when both feet leave the ground, float, or jump at the same time.

What not to pick up

  • Trash already in the trash bin
  • Trash left at garbage collection points
  • Trash that appears to be owned by others

  ※Judging from the surroundings (arranged and placed, signs of having been used recently, etc.)

Bulky waste

Large trash that does not fit into the garbage bags to be distributed (700 mm x 500 mm = 30 liters)

Examples: batteries / fans / futons / cushions / fire extinguishers / concrete / blocks / safes / metal bars / tires / wheels / stoves / computers / strollers / rice cookers

  • Hazardous waste (syringes, broken glass, torn metal)
  • Trash picked up by lifting road gutters and dovetails
  • Do not leave the competition area
  • Areas you are not allowed to enter
    • Rivers and oceans
    • Private property

※About the parking lot

Coin-operated parking lots, although privately owned, shall be accessible due to their public nature that anyone can use them (parking lots exclusively for companies, organizations, etc. shall not be allowed).

  • Observe separation rules.
  • Observe traffic rules.

Point Reduction and Disqualification

You may receive a caution from the judge when violating the rules. If a player is cautioned by the judge and repeatedly (two or more times) fails to comply with the caution, points may be deducted, and in the case of malicious behavior, the judge may disqualify the player at his/her own discretion.

Cases with point reductions

  • Violation of the “Rules of Competition” or if you do not return after completing trash pickup in time: -10 points for every minute, disqualification for more than 10 minutes late (1~59 seconds late is -10 points, and 60~119 seconds late is -20 points).
  • If the trash is not properly separated at the time of weighing: -100 points (Weighing is performed again after the trash is separated)
  • If you pick up something that “What not to pick up” (see above for details): -100 points

Cases of disqualification

  • If you travel by means other than walking, such as train/ bus/ taxi/ bicycle, etc.
  • Any increase in the weight of trash by any means other than picking up fallen trash (Bulk up the weight with water/ add trash from the trash can/ get trash from stores, etc).
  • Behavior not in keeping with good sportsmanship (Engaging in violent behavior, swearing at other teams or judges, etc).
  • When you do not heed the warnings of judges and staff and continue to engage in malicious acts
  • In the event that you return to the venue more than 10 minutes later than the designated time for trash pickup.

Any other actions not listed here that are deemed dangerous, malicious, or otherwise inappropriate for the purpose of sports trash pickup will be subject to point deductions and disqualification.