Hana-Biyori in Winter – Romantic Flowers and Nighttime Light Displays at Yomiuriland’s Botanical Garden

Hana-Biyori is Yomiuriland Theme Park’s new botanical garden, and it’s starting the winter with a bang!Winter doesn’t start for a few more weeks, but here in Japan, the weather is chilly and people are definitely in the winter spirit! People are walking down the streets of Tokyo in warm coats and fluffy scarves, sipping their seasonal Starbucks holiday lattes and getting ready for winter break. And of course, shopping malls, parks, and facilities of all kinds are hosting illumination events to light up the night with sparkling light displays.

Hana-Biyori is the new botanical garden at Yomiuriland theme park, and this is the garden’s first-ever winter open to the public, so take a look at how they’re making the season special!

Why an Illumination Event?

Of course Japan’s cool winter weather means that fewer bright flowers are blooming, but more importantly, the days are getting awfully short! (The sun is already setting around 16:30 these days!) That gives visitors less time to enjoy the daylight, but a lot more time to revel in the sparkling lights of an illumination event. The dry air also means that both the lightbulbs, and the stars above, twinkle extra bright. Yomiuriland’s yearly Jewellumination light-up event is already extremely popular in Tokyo, so Hana-Biyori’s sister illumination is a no-brainer!

Wintertime Snapshots from Hana-Biyori 2020

While little kids are sure to love the sparkle of the holiday lights in the setting sun, there’s no doubt that Hana-Biyori is a popular date spot this year. Grab a friend or a special someone, and enjoy the romantic lights together!

Image Source: EveryD-takku

The Yomiuriland Ferris wheel sets the tone for the evening, a colorful beacon in front of the darkening sky.

There are ideal spots for photo-ops in just about every direction, so make sure you charge your phone and bring a mobile battery!

Image Source: EveryD-takku

The garden is woven into event not just as a backdrop, but also as a theme. This tunnel of bamboo lamps looks like it’s leading you to a secret fairytale garden.

Image Source: EveryD-takku

Don’t miss the afternoon light if you can make it in time, though! For the holiday season, winter plants are arranged in blocks of red and green―very festive.

Image Source: Amarin旭Kongyin

And the trees are still a rainbow of reds and greens, bidding farewell to fall.

Image Source: Amarin旭Kongyin

As the weather changes and seasons come and go, Hana-Biyori looks a little different each time we see it throughout the year. If you love cherry blossoms, definitely don’t miss Hana-Biyori in spring next year, and stop by in summer for wind chimes and sunflowers!


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