Shopping, Theme Parks, & Relaxation at This Convenient Hotel Outside Tokyo ・ Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay

This Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel is next to the train station, lots of great shopping, and the fresh air of Tokyo Bay!

A Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel Next to the Station

Shopping, sightseeing, and a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort® – there’s a lot to consider when planning a visit to Tokyo, and finding the perfect accommodations can make or break a trip. Fortunately, Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is a Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel next to the train station, which means it’s not only a quick trip to Tokyo’s most popular theme park, but also conveniently close to plenty of shopping, and even has great access to popular Tokyo sightseeing spots. With an interior styled to make you feel like you’re vacationing in Provence and along the French Riviera, newly renovated rooms with comfortable amenities, and a truly bountiful breakfast buffet, consider Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay for your next visit to Tokyo Disney Resort®, or your whole trip to Tokyo!

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay (オリエンタルホテル 東京ベイ)
1-8-2, Mihama, Urayasu, Chiba
Access: directly connected to Shin-Urayasu Station (17 min from Tokyo Station), or accessible via limousine bus from Haneda Airport/Narita Airport (40 mins/60 mins)
Check-in/Check-out: 15:00~ / ~12:00
Official Website (en) | Reservations (en)

Freshly Renovated Guest Rooms

The Oriental Floor rooms: the Oriental Standard, Oriental Moderate, Oriental Comfort, Oriental Superior, and Oriental Deluxe.

After a full day riding rollercoasters or exploring the streets of Tokyo, there’s nothing better than getting back to a comfortable hotel room each evening. After a recent renovation, the 99 rooms on the hotel’s Oriental Floors are the ideal place for some serious rest and relaxation. These rooms come in five types and sizes, sleeping up to four adults, and the soothing blue walls with gold accents inspired by the Mediterranean and the southern coast of France provide a serene atmosphere with a chic sense of French style.

Slip off your shoes (Japanese-style) at the entrance, and you’ll be welcomed by a spacious room, soft fluffy beds, and a comfortable sofa to kick back and relax at the end of the day. Each of the rooms even comes equipped with a foot massager and an air humidifier for the ultimate relaxation experience. (Considering how many hours you spend on your feet walking around Tokyo or Tokyo Disney Resort®, after trying the hotel’s foot massager, you won’t want to stay anywhere else.) Use the TV’s phone mirroring option to watch your favorite shows as you settle in for the night, or check out some local Japanese TV instead!

In the morning, getting ready is a pleasure thanks to ReFa showerheads, blow dryers, and even flat irons.

Hotel Conveniences & Amenities for All

At Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, they’ve found a way to turn their environmentally-conscious efforts into something that’s fun for guests as well. In order to cut down on waste, the hotel only keeps a few amenities inside the guest rooms, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without! Guests looking for anything other than basic toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothbrushes) need only visit the Tiroir amenity room, off the lobby on the 2nd floor. Tiroir looks like a cute French boutique, with the same Mediterranean blue and gold as the Oriental Floor rooms, but the items stocked inside are all free for guests to use during their stay. The shelves are filled with packets of skincare and hair oils, mouthwash and Q-tips, conveniences like paper plates and disposable cutlery, and extra towels galore. You can “shop” the selection at Tiroir and take whatever you might need, without having to waste all the toiletries and extras you won’t use.

For any necessities not found at Tirior, or a whole world of other conveniences, Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay actually has a Lawson convenience store inside the building, and it’s even open 24/7! Just off of the 2nd floor lobby, stop into the convenience store in the morning for drinks to stay hydrated while exploring Tokyo, or snacks to keep your energy up when taking a break from Tokyo Disney Resort®.

Between the check-in desk and Tiroir, the hotel’s luggage room is high-tech and super convenient. Use a QR code to gain access to the room, then set your own password for lockers of all sizes and luggage locks for larger suitcases. The whole setup makes travel a breeze, especially when you’re hoping to arrive early, stash your bags at the hotel, and then head out to explore.

Nearby, the laundry room is especially popular with guests staying in Japan for more than a few days. If you packed light or you’re traveling with messy kids, or even if you’re just running out of clean socks, it’s always nice to have easy access to laundry machines.

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is actually home to Japan’s first-ever interactive projection mapping inside a hotel! This spot next to the check-in desk is great for keeping kids entertained while parents check in and grab their room keys, but the fun interactive scenes with swooping birds and boxing kangaroos are pretty entertaining for people of all ages. Wave your hands and watch the animals react! (Some hidden characters only respond to secret gestures.)

A Hearty Breakfast & a Welcoming Lounge

Whether you’re visiting Japan to see the sights in Tokyo, spend your days at amusement parks, or just enjoy the fantastic flavors of Japanese food, a full breakfast is the best way to start the day. Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay’s breakfast buffet is offered in the restaurant Grand Cinq, which has just recently been renovated to match the blue interiors of the Oriental Floors, with a new kid’s corner and open kitchen counters. Breakfast buffet offerings include a variety of cuisines, but some of the most popular dishes are prepared before your eyes by chefs at the counter, like the hearty hamburger sliders, and eggs benedict atop “croffles” (croissant waffles). Their whole rack of colorful mini donuts is also a perennial favorite!

We also recommend trying some of the more local dishes in the breakfast buffet, which you won’t find outside the region. Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay (and Tokyo Disney Resort®) is actually located just outside of the city proper, in the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. Just a few decades ago, the area was all little fishing villages and lagoons on the edge of Tokyo Bay, so the hotel breakfast buffet now offers regional specialties like fried noodles with seaweed and shellfish. Before heading out for a day of Japanese culture, there’s nothing better than starting with a breakfast full of local flavor!

Grand Cinq also offers lunch and dinner buffets with a variety of Japanese specialties, like freshly prepared sushi, tempura, and teppanyaki. It’s not the only restaurant option at the hotel, however! Chinese Table offers a buffet of Chinese food featuring the eight major cuisines of China, whereas HUB is a British pub that offers classic pub food and sometimes live music.

Heading back to the hotel for an afternoon break? Done for the day, but not quite ready to return to your room? The Welcome Lounge offers a comfortable place for all hotel guests to relax, chat, or even get some work done from the early afternoon to late at night (14:00~23:00). And best of all, the lounge offers complimentary drinks and snacks! Grab a draft beer, a glass of sparkling wine, or a soft drink, and sit down with some cookies or candy from the little snack bar. (Kids are especially enamored with the do-it-yourself cotton candy machine.) When you’re ready to head back to your room, you can even bring a drink to go. The cozy space and all the sweet treats offer everything you need to bring a fun day in Japan to a satisfying close.

Shop, Relax, and See the Sights Around Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is less than a minute from Shin-Urayasu Station.

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is a convenient place to stay when it comes to amenities, but also in terms of location. The Tokyo metropolitan area is huge, and there are popular sightseeing spots and attractions scattered all over the map, so proximity to a good train station is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel. This hotel is literally connected directly to Shin-Urayasu Station by a bridge (with a roof, great on rainy days), which means it couldn’t get much closer. Some of Tokyo’s most exciting destinations are just a quick train trip away, and the busy station area is crowded with shops and restaurants. Plus, the hotel is easy to get to, thanks to “limousine” buses that arrive at Shin-Urayasu Station straight from both Haneda and Narita Airports. With the city at your fingertips, why bother staying anywhere else?

Tokyo Disney Resort®

As a Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel, Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is located right in the same neighborhood as Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea®, which makes it a perfect place for fans of the parks to stay while visiting Japan. By train, Tokyo Disney Resort® is just a single stop away, and the whole trip takes less than ten minutes – you can jump out of bed and find yourself enjoying all the rides, food, and fun in a matter of minutes! But why take the train when there’s an even more convenient way to travel? The official shuttle bus service runs as many as 69 times a day, bringing hotel guests to and from Tokyo Disney Resort® entirely for free. (Check the schedule here.) Guests at Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay can even use the baggage delivery service at the parks to send their bags to the hotel while they spend the day out and about, so they can enjoy everything Tokyo Disney Resort® has to offer before heading back to find their bags waiting at the hotel. Staying at a Tokyo Disney Resort® Partner Hotel has its perks!

Urayasu Sightseeing & Shopping

Travelers who find themselves in the city of Urayasu, where Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is located, tend to focus on Tokyo Disney Resort®. But while a day at the amusement park might be one fun way to spend time in the area, it’s not the only way! Some visitors even plan an extra night or two at the hotel so there’s ample time to explore the surrounding neighborhood.

Among Tokyo-area destinations, Urayasu is a little bit off the beaten path (aside from the theme parks), which means sightseers in the area often get to feel like they have it all to themselves. Make the most of your time in this bayside town on the edge of the big city by visiting Kasai Rinkai Park, with its fresh greenery and huge Ferris wheel! The park is big enough to also include a fabulous observatory looking out onto Tokyo Bay, and even the Tokyo Sea Life Park aquarium. Next, step back in time and spend an afternoon visiting Urayasu as it once was in eras past, at the Urayasu City Folk Museum. The museum has an inside area with exhibits on local history and culture, but the open-air area is a true hidden gem, with a whole chunk of the old village impeccably preserved. Visitors are free to enter the traditional old Urayasu homes and shops, sit on the tatami mats, and even open the cabinets and poke around. It’s an incredible way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, without any crowds to get in your way!

Ready for some serious souvenir shopping? Hoping to stock up on Japanese fashion at Uniqlo and GU? Just looking for a good bite to eat? The Shin-Urayasu Station area next to the hotel has three different shopping complexes, complete with plenty of places to buy clothing, food, and cosmetics, so you can shop till you drop without having to drag your purchases all over the city. (Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is just across the street!)

The Atre Shin-Urayasu shopping mall is a part of the train station, but the broad selection includes fashion options, a bookstore, and a 300-yen store (selling home goods, accessories, and more at affordable prices). Next to the station, MONA Shin-Urayasu has a popular 100-yen shop and drugstore, good for cosmetics or any medicine/first-aid you might need. Just across the way, Aeon Style Shin-Urayasu is the station area’s third shopping center, built around the large Aeon supermarket at its heart. On top of snacks, drinks, and prepared food at the supermarket, the facility also houses restaurants, a drugstore, and convenient clothing options like H&M. Whether you realized there’s something you forgot to pack, or you’re hoping to fill up your suitcases with lots of new Japanese purchases instead, Shin-Urayasu station is a great place to go shopping without the inconveniences of central Tokyo crowds.

Head Into Tokyo

Tokyo is a big city, but despite being located just outside the city limits, Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay’s direct connection to Shin-Urayasu Station means that many of Tokyo’s most popular spots are still easily accessible. The Keiyo Line train actually goes directly to Tokyo Station in about 17 minutes, and from there the city is your oyster. The majestic red brick building of Tokyo Station itself is already a landmark, but if you hop on the Yamanote Line to take a loop around Tokyo, you can stop in at all the must-see destinations. Start at Shibuya Station to see one of the city’s busiest shopping and entertainment districts, including the huge crowds that sweep across the Shibuya crossing intersection, and the iconic Shibuya 109. Then you can either walk or take the train to Harajuku Station to see Japan’s wildest street styles along with the high-fashion looks of Omotesando. A walk down the busy street of Takeshita-dori is a lesson in Japanese pop culture!

Next, hop back on the Yamanote Line to see springtime cherry blossoms at Ueno Park (Ueno Station) or Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (Shinjuku Station) if the season is right, or soak up the otaku culture around Akihabara Station any time of year! This nerdy neighborhood is full of shops selling used and new anime merchandise and video games, along with some of Japan’s more unique inventions, like maid cafes. There’s a lot to see in Tokyo, which means you’ll probably be crisscrossing the city no matter where you stay. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy to head back to Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay’s comfortable rooms (and foot massagers)!

Make Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay Your Home Base!

Close to Tokyo Disney Resort® and so much else, Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay is a great place to call home while staying in Japan. Start the day with a luxurious breakfast before you see the theme parks, fill your suitcase with souvenirs, and explore the Tokyo area – from go-to destinations to Urayasu’s best-kept secrets. Then come back to an oasis of French Riviera style and a cozy lounge, before resting your head in one of the hotel’s chic newly renovated rooms. Stay an extra night or two and forget the stress of dragging your suitcase all across Tokyo – you might just want to make Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay your home away from home!

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