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Going Ballistic with BALLISTIK BOYZ

The explosive performers are releasing their long awaited second album – and they spoke to HYPER JAPAN and answered your fan questions.

BALLISTIK BOYZ haven’t been on the J-pop scene for long, but already have a lifetime of experience. Graduates from the EXILE EXPG school, and former back up dancers for Japan’s biggest boyband, their first full length album “PASS THE MIC” marks a breakout for an EXILE TRIBE group. Every member in the band has a mic, and alongside world-class singing and dancing, BALLISTIK BOYZ can speak English, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. We heard their voices – and shared your questions with the band (along with some of our own).

Please tell us about the new album, PASS THE MIC.

Masahiro Sunada:

BALLISTIK BOYZの今までの活動の第一フェーズを締めくくるアルバムになっています!


This album marks the conclusion of BALLISTIK BOYZ phase 1!

The new songs also contain some of our preparation and intentions for phase 2!

Ryuta Hidaka:

僕達BALLISTIK BOYZがメジャーデビューしてからの活動してきた2年半のすべてが詰まった、BALLISTIK BOYZ第一章を締めくくるアルバムです。

We’ve filled the album up with everything that we’ve done since our major debut 2 ½ years ago. This album is the completion of chapter 1 of BALLISTIK BOYZ.

What have you done for this new album that you’ve never done before?

Rikiya Okuda:

リード曲でもある「All Around The World」は僕たちのコレオグラフではなく新しく見せるためにダンサーの方にお願いしました!


The lead track “All Around The World” wasn’t choreographed by us, we asked the dancers to do it in order to give it a new look.

It’s got a really fresh style, so I hope that everyone checks it out!

Yoshiyuki Kano:


There are 3 brand new songs on the album! This is also the first time that we got non-members to do choreography, to give it a new spirit.

What are you most excited to share about PASS THE MIC?

Ryusei Kainuma:



I want to share our desire to reach out internationally. It has been our ultimate dream from the beginning.

It’s not an easy dream, but in our lyrics you can hear how passionate and how ready we are.

Riki Matsui:

デビューからこれまでの約2年半のBALLISTIK BOYZの成長や目標に対する決意・覚悟をこのアルバムを通して感じていただけたらなと思っています!

特に、リード曲にもなっている”All Around The World”は7人の世界進出という大きな目標に向けた決意表明の楽曲になっているので歌詞にも注目して聴いていただけたら嬉しいです。

In this album you can feel how ready and how determined we are. It’s been 2 ½ years since BALLISTIK BOYZ’s debut, and we’ve really blossomed.

In particular, the lead track “All Around The World” was been put together from 7 members’ dreams to go global. The lyrics are really personal to us, so please listen carefully.

I like BBZ and UK rock. Are there any artists in UK that have influenced you?

Riki Matsui:


Sam Smith. I like him so much that when he came to Japan, I went to the concert on my own. That was the first time that I’d heard his music live, and I was really moved by it.

Miku Fukahori:


There was a period that I was totally crazy about one direction.

naz | ricky day Yellow heart
Are there any interesting stories that you guys want to share with us during the recording / MV shooting of Touch The Sky ?

Ryusei Kainuma:



In the music video, there’s a scene where the camera spins 360° around and goes in between all the members. I just wanted to let you know that moment was actually terrifying. Lol.

It looks like it’s moving really smoothly in the video, but in order to catch the performance, it was moving scary fast.

Ryuta Hidaka:


In this video, we did a homage to EXILE in the chorus, a set piece with the spinning 360° camera. That camera was way faster than we imagined, it looked like it would really hurt if it hit you. We were dancing pretty nervously.

Miss Arq ~ A9 ~ The Rampage~ JO1 ~ SHIZAYA ~ Oryo
Sometimes chasing our dreams is exhausting and you have to work hard, I would like to know how do you motivate yourself and your fans? I love BBZ

Yoshiyuki Kano:


I’m really inspired by seeing all the smiling faces of our fans on our recent solo tour. My motivation comes from sharing as much of a positive influence as possible with our fans.

Miku Fukahori:


I’m always motivated by my how much my family expects of me and how much they’ve supported me up to this point.

Rika (new acc.)
As Jr.EXILE, you were raised by EXILE. So, how does it feel to be able to cover one of EXILE’s famous songs and how different it feels compared to when you were dancing as EXILE backdancer’s back then?

Rikiya Okuda:


At that time we were kid dancers working as EXILE’s backing dancers. We never in our wildest dreams thought that we could cover one of their songs as artists in our own right. Now we are just really happy and grateful to have been given such an incredible experience.

Masahiro Sunada:




I couldn’t believe it!

I was really happy, but to tell the truth, I also felt a little pressure.

As backing dancers, we just tried our hardest to pull off the dance that they taught us. The biggest difference is that we have to express this song our own way, using our own voice and movements.

BALLISTIK BOYZ rocking the mic

zaCrescent moon
What’s your new interest lately?

Masahiro Sunada:



I’m hooked on golf!

Whenever I have a day off you’ll probably find me golfing.

Riki Matsui:


MMA (mixed martial arts).

Hanbin’s Third Eye Stans LDH Boys
Hi boys!!! What are you wearing for Halloween this year???

Miku Fukahori:


I’m dressing as a soldier from Squid Game!

Ryuta Hidaka:


We’re jumping on this year’s biggest trend, and the whole group is doing Squid Game cosplays!

Daesung’s Wife
How are y’all going to end the year? Can we expect more music videos and performances to come?

Yoshiyuki Kano:


We’re going to be doing even more up until the end of the year.

Make sure to keep following everything we’re doing!

 Ryusei Kainuma:




Since we’ve already released an album this year, the group members have to get together and clearly plan what we’re going to do next year.

Next year we want to break out overseas, so we’re currently making top secret plans in order to make our dreams of international superstardom a reality.

I want to create more tracks for our international fans, to encourage more and more people overseas to enjoy our music.

You’ve accomplished so much in 2021 already, but do you have any goals left that you want to meet by the end of this year?

 Rikiya Okuda:

グループとしては沢山の経験をさせていただいたので、このままスピード落とす事なく突き進む事と個人的には歌、ダンス以外でも他の事でBBZ Familyと繋がる企画が出来たらいいなと思っています!

I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with the group, and really hope that we can continue at this pace. Personally, I hope that I can do more to connect the BBZ Family outside of singing and dancing.

Ryuta Hidaka:


I want to keep uploading my video content to social media!

You have been together for years, Have you copied some of each other’s manners ?

Yoshiyuki Kano:


Just the other day, we were laughing about how we’ve picked up each other’s speaking habits!

Masahiro Sunada:


I definitely blame the other members for my staying up too late at night. Lol.

What can we expect from your new album? Do you have any messages for your UK/European fans?

Rikiya Okuda:




We wanted to create something so amazing that it would pay back our fans belief in us many times over. We’re really hoping that you enjoy it!

I’ve never been to the UK or Europe, so I’d love to visit!

My personal dream is to live in Italy in the future, so I hope to have lots of opportunities to travel around Europe!

Miku Fukahori:



This album is chock full of everything we’ve done from the first chapter of BALLISTIK BOYZ!

We are looking forward to the day when we can play a show in Europe!

How can fans listen to the album from overseas?


International fans can get the album shipped from Buyee, or from any good Japan shipping site. Please check your favourite site for details.

So if you enjoyed the first BALLISTIK BOYZ album, check out their new release at the links below.

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