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Do you want 6 kilos of fries with that?

Introducing Japanese Oogui YouTubers.

One thing that everyone loves about Japan (and HYPER JAPAN) is the incredible food.

There is such an incredible range, from noodles and rice dishes, to meats and pickles, to unique delicacies, like sushi and macha. Even Japanese fast food is great.

But no matter how much you love Japanese food, you’ll never eat as much as these Youtubers.

The Oogui (also known as Mukbang in Korean and competitive eaters or food fighters in English) phenomenon consists of eating vast amounts of food in one sitting, often with a time limit. The stars of Oogui often put the weight or the calories or the length of their meal in the thumbnail.

In Japan, eating a lot shows just how delicious you find a meal and it can be a matter of courtesy to eat everything that you’re served. In that case, by eating these enormous meals these superhuman eaters are showing how everything they eat is exceptionally tasty!

Here are some incredible Oogui for you to sample!

Mogumogu Sakura

Sunglasses wearing Sakura eats and drinks her way through enormous quantities. She also times all of her videos, so you can see there’s no funny business with the edits.

Mogumogu Sakura eats a 16000 yen pancake!

Harapeko Twins

Because there are two of them, they eat twice as much and they always have someone to talk to between mouthfuls.

The Harapeko Twins consume 14 kilos of Coco Ichibanya Curry Rice


It’s not just for girls – Dekakin also eats giant meals, although relatively small compared to some of the other YouTubers. He also often eats out, so is a good place to get food tips if you’re travelling to Tokyo.

Dekakin slurps 3 kilos of Soba

Moe no Azuki

If you prefer your superhuman eating machines to have a little more Kawaii, check out Moe no Azuki, who puts away vast quantities, despite being apparently very tiny.

Moe no Azuki devours two huge bowl of Ramen

Yuka Kinoshita

No list of Oogui would be complete without Yuka Kinoshita. The queen of Japanese Oogui Vloggers and the most popular female Japanese YouTuber, Yuka has viewers from across the whole world who often send her food to eat on her channel.

Yuka Kinoshita munches 4 buckets of Fried Chicken…
…and 6 servings of Udon with every side dish

Feeling hungry yet?

Remember don’t try this at home, unless you are streaming it.

Got any other favourite Oogui eaters? Drop a link in the comments.

Hara hetta!

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