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Everything You Need for Japan’s Official Cat Day This February

Love cats? You’ll love this Japanese holiday, all about our furry feline friends!

Japan Celebrates Cat Day!?

Every year on February 22nd, Japan celebrates the all-important holiday of Cat Day, called Neko no Hi (猫の日) in Japanese. While Japan’s love for cats dates back many hundreds of years, the holiday itself was first established back in 1987, when Japan’s “Cat Day Executive Committee” polled its cat-keeping members to decide on the official date. February 22nd, or 2/22, was chosen for one very serious and important reason: in Japanese, 2/22 can be read as an abbreviation for “nyan nyan nyan,” or “meow meow meow” as English-speaking cats might say. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with the best holiday concepts, Cat Day is still a fairly minor celebration even in Japan. But festivities are catching on, with convenience stores offering special cat-themed snacks for the holiday, and various cat-centric festivals like the Neko Matsuri at Yushima and Nyandarake choosing late February dates. For most people, Cat Day is an excuse to spoil their cats, take as many cute cat photos as pawsible, and indulge in some cat-themed shopping, so you might as well join in!

For You and All Your Cat-Loving Friends

Looking for a reason to splurge on some cute cat-themed items from Japan? Then let Cat Day be your excuse! Just a quick look around the world of Japanese online shopping will show you the endless adorable items ready to be shipped around the globe. Feast your eyes on the black cats of Atsuko Matano, and the fluffy grey and ginger of the popular cat characters that make up Mofusand. Get all the fun of a Japanese gashapon capsule machine without flying all the way to Japan by collecting cat-themed gacha gacha prizes: casually leaning cat figurineslitterbox snow globes, or even ceramic chopstick holders. If handmade items are more your thing, look no further than the cat-themed offerings from Japan’s handmade marketplaces like Minne and Iichi, each of which offers many pages of adorable cat-themed items. In a similar vein, Suzuri is a platform that gives independent artists an easy way to print their original designs – including cute cats of all shapes, sizes, and genres! There’s a little something for every cat lover out there.

For Your Cat

From cat accessories to cat treats, Japan is known for coming up with the kind of merchandise that both humans and cats go gaga for. So if you’ve got a cat at home, we’ve got some recommendations that we know your feline friends will love! Give your high-class cat a lobster toy that actually moves, and when they’re all tired from playtime, present them with a squishy cat bed made out of special cool-to-the-touch fabric, perfect for warmer days. For cats with a more adventurous spirit, there’s always these wooden wall steps and conical tent-style kitty hideaways, all to give them the mountainside camping experience. Of course, you can also take your cat for an actual walk outside with a cat harness – these come in traditional Japanese patterns for extra style!

But let’s be real here. What your cat really wants is something good to eat. You might like feeding them in these oh-so-stylish raised food bowls, but your cat will be more than happy to gobble up Japanese treats straight from the tube. (This cat treat set comes with five flavors, all in a cute box!)

→ If your dog is looking a little jealous, don’t worry! You’ll find plenty of nice things for dogs too.

For Documentation Purposes 🐾

One of the key Cat Day traditions is taking pictures of cats – your own, a friend’s, or even a neighborhood stray – so make the most of your feline photoshoot with some fun camera gear from Japan! Toy cameras like the ones from Bonzart lend your photos a cool retro vibe, with vibrant colors and neat effects, and the distinctive designs of the cameras themselves mean you’ll look nice using them too. Popeye Camera leans even heavier into the vintage photography theme, selling Kodak film cameras that come in stylish pastel colors, and even offering sepia film in a variety of tones to use with those cameras. Your cat has never looked so cool.

Your cat never hesitates to run, leap, and indulge in whatever they want most, so why should you? Find whatever makes your kitty-loving heart sing this Cat Day, and go for it! Just don’t forget to show your cat some love and affection on this very important day. Give them a “nyan nyan nyan” on February 22nd – it’s their day after all!


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