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Japanese Baking Workshop with HAPPY SKY BAKERY

HAPPY SKY BAKERY celebrate the true taste of bread, the way its meant to taste.

Award-winning baker Motoko HidaHAPPY SKY BAKERY – brings together the finest ingredients and uses traditional hand-crafting to develop the true flavours of her bread. Motoko’s life long passion for baking and search for the best techniques deliver bread bursting with authentic flavour and consistency.

HAPPY SKY BAKERY started in 2008 because Motoko wanted to bake what she can proudly say worry-free and preservatives free for someone we love. Their highly-skilled Japanese bakers produce Japanese bread and pastries without adding any unnecessary preservatives.  Other materials such as red bean paste or custard cream are homemade and from carefully picked ingredients.
They bake a little differently everyday to correspond to the temperature and humidity to ensure our quality.

Motoko will be hosting a series of workshops at HYPER JAPAN to share her knowledge, passion, and skills of artisan Japanese bread baking. Join her to find out her secrets to make your everyday breakfast table something special.


HAPPY SKY BAKERY along with Yuta Hasumi Ikigai Biscuit London will be hosting a Valentine Special Baking workshop on 14th February 2021 between 14:00 – 16:00. Tickets will be released shortly.