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Incoming videochat from… Ghibliland?

The world famous Japanese anime studio has provided a series of beautiful backgrounds for online meetings.

Are you ashamed of your home office or living space when you take part in web chats or work meetings? Do you wish that there was a quick and easy way to enter a world of anime whimsy? 

Well now there is!

Studio Ghibli have released a set of background images for you to use in your web meetings. Download these Gibli wallpapers to Skype from Kiki’s Delivery Service or Zoom from the heart of the lost floating kingdom of Laputa. Some are easily recognisable – the giant god of the forest towering over your shoulder will be a dead giveaway – but there are some more obscure titles and locations for the serious Ghibli heads out there. 

A selection of the backgrounds available for download

Famous for their iconic combination of high fantasy and touching storytelling, Ghibli have been a powerful force in the world of Anime for decades. Originally co-founded by their most famous director, Hayao Miyazaki, they released a string of now legendary titles – Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky and even My Neighbor Totoro – before hitting the mainstream with Kiki’s Delivery Service. Now you can dive into their gorgeous worlds of spirits and monsters to chat with friends, colleagues or whoever you like. 

The Castle in the Sky gets great wifi connection

Of course they make excellent desktop backgrounds as well. 

Head over to the Ghibi website to check out the selection and download your favourites (Japanese): 

Studio Ghibli

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