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Japanese Makeup Shopping: A Trip to Kamakura & Enoshima With Canmake’s Cool-Toned Summer Makeup

This summer we’re headed to Kamakura and Enoshima to soak up the retro Japanese vibes, and we’re bringing our makeup bag full of Canmake’s refreshing summer cool-toned cosmetics with us!

A Summer Trip to Kamakura & Enoshima with Cool Canmake Cosmetics Recommendations

Planning a summer vacation in Japan? From the countryside to the big city, there are plenty of places to make the most of the summer in Japan, but the combined Kamakura and Enoshima area is one of the most popular summer destinations near Tokyo. The long coastline offers a refreshing sea breeze, and between nostalgic backdrops from classic Japanese anime series and all the little side streets, there are plenty of places to pose for cute pictures. Of course, as pretty as the summer weather might look in pictures, we all know that the shining sun and humid weather can really do a number on your makeup – before you know it you’re oily and sweaty, and your whole summer look is getting a little bedraggled.

So, what are the best ways to look cute and feel comfortable in Japan’s humid summer heat? Today we’re teaming up with Canmake for our trip to the seaside, with Japanese makeup recommendations that will keep you feeling fresh and looking your best despite the weather, along with a few of our favorite sightseeing spots in Kamakura and Enoshima. To go with the region’s refreshing summer vibes, we’ll be focusing especially on the best Japanese cosmetics for cool-toned summers (do you know your season?), so get your shopping list and your Japan trip itinerary ready for some new recommendations!

This Summer’s Secret to Smooth Skin & UV Protection

Mermaid Skin Gel UV [C03] Pure Purple

Illuminating Finish Powder ~Abloom~ [01] Hydrangea Garden

If you’ve been paying attention to the skincare scene in recent years, then you know that sunscreen is a daily essential, and an important tool for protecting delicate face skin from strong UV rays 365 days a year. But it’s never more important than on sunny summer days spent out and about in Japan! Canmake has been working on improving the texture and the white cast of their sunscreens, and the results can be seen in their Mermaid Skin Gel UV in [C03] Pure Purple, which glides on like water and brightens skin with subtle lavender undertones. The SPF50+・PA++++ formula offers a high UV protection factor, and the niacinamide moisturizes skin while providing extra brightening power, making the product a great base to use under makeup!

In past years Canmake’s Marshmallow Finish Powder has gone viral in Japan and beyond, and their new summer ’24 product Illuminating Finish Powder ~Abloom~ offers a similar formula with added pearlescence to give the skin a radiant sheen. The first colorway, [01] Hydrangea Garden, is a combination of cool tones that look especially good on cool-toned summers. If you’ve ever worried about powder leaving your makeup looking dull and dusty, then the pearly finish of this powder might make it the perfect last step, adding a glow while working to cut down on oily shine. (We’ll get to the Oil Block Mineral Powder, also in the photo above, in a minute!)

Now that we’re protected from the sun’s UV rays, and our skin is looking smoother than ever, where should this Kamakura trip begin? You’ll certainly be glad for that UV protection on the beautiful Shichirigahama Beach, where the bright blue sea screams summer, and surfers cut through the white-tipped waves while the Enoden train line sets the scene as it traces a path along the coastline. This picturesque beach is not only beautiful all on its own, but on clear days, you can even see Mt. Fuji in the distance across the water. In modern days, the picture-perfect landscape is frequently used as a setting for Japanese movies and TV shows, but even back in the Edo era (1603-1868) the Shichirigahama area was used as material for beautiful ukiyo-e prints. Get all dolled up, and you too can use this gorgeous backdrop to take some amazing pictures!

Shichirigahama Beach (七里ヶ浜)
2-1 Shichirigahamahigashi, Kamakura, Kanagawa

Oil Block Mineral Powder [01] Clear

If you like the feel of loose powder, Canmake’s Oil Block Mineral Powder in [01] Clear offers a silky transparent finish, making it a great tool for keeping oil at bay on hot summer days. The little plastic pot is compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry with you for touchups on the go, keeping your skin velvety smooth all day long.

With your makeup touched up and looking fresh, it’s time to see another of Kamakura’s most famous spots: Kamakurakoko-mae Station. This run-of-the-mill Enoden Line train station in front of Kamakura High School has become an iconic sightseeing destination thanks to the smash-hit sports anime Slam Dunk, a dramatic basketball-themed saga that captured hearts all around the world in the 1990s. Slam Dunk’s main characters were written students of the very real Kamakura High School, and so the anime’s opening sequence included a poignant shot of the characters standing near the very real Kamakurakoko-mae Station. If you too can appreciate the nostalgia of classic Japanese anime and manga from decades past, then you might want to join the other fans who stop by this spot to take a picture as the train passes by.

Kamakurakoko-mae Station (鎌倉高校前駅)
1-1 Koshigoe, Kamakura, Kanagawa

Give Your Brows the Glow-Up They Deserve

Concealer Brow Mascara [01] Pink Beige

Mix Eyebrow Color [C01] Charm Pink, [C02] Jealousy Purple

Brow makeup usually comes in a subtle palette of browns and beiges, but Canmake offers a more colorful spectrum of products to help you put together bright, fun looks all summer long. First, brush their Concealer Brow Mascara onto the brows to give them a cute beige-y pink color. Then, try using the brow concealer as a base under the Mix Eyebrow Color for a more even, vibrant application of this dimensional multi-color powder! This blendable eyebrow product can be used to create looks that are more natural, or more interesting and unique. For cool-toned summers the [C02] Jealousy Purple palette a great choice, whereas those with more warm-toned skin might find that the coral shades of the [C01] Charm Pink palette really suit their skin tone.

Essentials for a Fresh Eye Look

Silky Souffle Eyes (Matte Type) [M07] Tutu Ballerina, [M06] Lima Greige

The Japanese makeup scene is known for sweet, shimmery eye looks, but Canmake’s Silky Soufflé Eyes (Matte Type) shadows are popular instead for their subtle translucent matte effect, which builds and blends so well it feels like it’s melting into your skin. The newest palette, [M07] Tutu Ballerina, contains four versatile colors in shades that go great with cool-toned skin: a range of dusky pinks and browns plus a sleek pink pearl for a little boost of shimmer. If you like subtle pink shadows, you’ll definitely find plenty of uses for this little palette! But if you tend to reach for more toned-down shades, then you’ll want to check out the [M06] Lima Greige palette instead, which has a selection of pinkish-greige colors that go well with a wide range of skin tones.

Creamy Touch Liner [01] Deep Black, [03] Dark Brown

Quick Lash Curler [BK] Black

A full eye look isn’t complete without a good lick of eyeliner to bring out the eyes, but with the heat of summer comes humidity, oily lids, and the curse of smudgy eyeliner going everywhere it’s not supposed to. If you want a product that won’t budge (until you want it to), Canmake’s Creamy Touch Liner goes on like butter but stays where you want it, making it especially useful on steamy summer days. Despite being a pencil liner, this product is made with a thin core that only measures 1.5 mm across, so sleek lines and sharp wings aren’t a problem. The Creamy Touch Liner comes in a variety of shades to fit different skin tones (including cool summers) and match different moods, but our favorites are [01] Deep Black for a bolder look and [03] Dark Brown for a softer effect.

When it comes to lashes, Canmake’s Quick Lash Color is an all-in-one triple threat, and each stroke acts as a mascara with a base and top coat! This waterproof mascara holds on tight even when it’s up against water (maybe a swim in the ocean off Kamakura) or dealing with the natural oils in your eyelid, and its special curling effect helps lashes stand up proud even on sweltering summer days. We especially appreciate the rubbery brush that makes the mascara easy to apply even on the lower lashes, without getting it all over your lower eyelid. The basic [BK] Black shade is an everyday essential that gives every eyelash a boost, no matter your complexion.

Let Your Cheeks Shine With Three of Canmake’s Hottest Blushes

Glow Fleur Cheeks (Blend Type) [B03] Lavender Dream

Powder Cheeks [P02] Little Shy Pink

Cream Cheek (Pearl Type) [P02] Rose Petal

When it comes to Japanese makeup trends for the cheeks these days, no look can do without a shimmery blush that includes a touch of highlight to bring out the skin’s inner glow! So if you want to try out Japan’s hottest blush trends, we’ve got three Canmake products to help you achieve the look.

Glow Fleur Cheeks (Blend Type) in the color [B03] Lavender Dream is a collection of different blushes all in one, with normal matte blush powder in cool lavender and pink tones, along with a shimmery touch of blush-highlight to make it super on-trend in Japan. The Powder Cheeks blush in [P02] Little Shy Pink, on the other hand, is a beloved Canmake product with a new look (it now comes pressed into a cute heart shape), and the touch of pearlescent shimmer in this cool tone makes it a solid basic for your cheeks. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look, you might prefer the subtle sparkle of Cream Cheek (Pearl Type) in the more muted pink color of [P02] Rose Petal.

Now that our cheeks have that fresh summer glow (while still being well-protected from the UV rays), we’re heading over the bridge to the off-shore island of Enoshima for all of its unique sightseeing destinations. Enoshima’s main attraction is Enoshima Shrine, which is divided into three halls: the Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya, and Okutsumiya. As long as you’re respectful of your surroundings, there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures at Shinto shrines in Japan, so this whole area is a great place to take some cute selfies! In the market streets below the shrine you can also get some fun local snacks to nibble on… or to use as photo props for the perfect snapshot, to set off the shimmer on your cheeks. “Takosenbei” is a local Enoshima specialty – a kind of rice cracker with octopus inside, pressed and toasted to a crisp – and whether you take a picture or not, it’s a savory umami bomb you won’t forget anytime soon.

Enoshima Shrine (江島神社)
2-3-8 Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Hours: 8:30 – 17:00

The #1 Spot on Your Japanese Makeup Shopping List: Lip Plumping Tints

Muchi Puru Tint [05] Fig Puree, [06] Raspberry Cake

If you’ve shopped for Japanese drugstore cosmetics before, you’ve probably run into Canmake’s famous Muchi Puru Tint at one point or another, because this glossy lipstick hydrates while creating the effect of lusciously plump lips. If you wanted to try it out but were disappointed by the warm slant of most of the colors so far, then you’ll be excited to hear about the latest shade, a cool-toned pink perfect for summers called [06] Raspberry Cake. For a more relaxed look, the muted tones of [05] Fig Puree make it another good choice!

The tinted formula of the Muchi Puru Tint means that you’ll still have a pretty hint of color on the lips even while eating and drinking, so now we’re all ready to check out our last destination in Kamakura! Cafe Yoridocoro is a cute little cafe in an amazing location, located literally right up against the Enoden train tracks. The menu includes cafe drinks and a selection of sweets, but their most famous offering is their TKG (AKA tamago-kake gohan/卵かけご飯), which is a bowl of rice topped with fluffy raw egg whipped into a cloud. This heavenly example of Japanese home cooking can be enjoyed by the window as you watch the train run past, shockingly close by. And if the salty sea breeze has your lips feeling a little dry at the end of the day, then all you need is another swipe of moisturizing Muchi Puru Tint to keep your lips happy and hydrated!

Cafe Yoridokoro (カフェ ヨリドコロ)
1-12-16 Inamuragasaki, Kamakura, Kanagawa
Hours: 7:00 – 18:00 (closed Tuesdays)
Official Website (en)

Pack All Your New Summer Essentials in One Makeup Pouch!

On this summer trip to Kamakura and Enoshima, the Japankuru team was in charge of finding the best sightseeing spots, and Canmake helped us find the perfect products for a full face of cool-toned summer makeup that would actually stay fun and fresh for all our photos, even in the face of Japan’s humid summer weather. For us, one of the best things about all these new Canmake cosmetics was seeing how cute and compact they all are, since that made it especially easy to tote them around as we saw the sights and relaxed by the beach (well-protected from the sun’s powerful UV rays, of course)! If you’re looking to put your everyday makeup bag on a diet, Canmake can certainly help. There’s no better time to take lots of pictures than during your summer trip to Japan. And with products that are easily available across Japan, and conveniently versatile for all your freshest looks, it wouldn’t hurt to a little burst of color to your summer with Canmake!

For more info and updates from Japan, check Japankuru for new articles, and don’t forget to follow us on X (Twitter)Instagram, and Facebook!


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