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Rampage through supernatural Edo in Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition

Continuing the Adventure

Ready your weapon, choose your stance and prepare to dive back into the wars of feudal Japan. KOEI TECMO and Team Ninja have returned to release the long awaited ‘Nioh 2 –The Complete Edition’ on February 5th, adding new detail, features and PC compatibility.

For those who haven’t taken on the challenge of the somewhat punishing Nioh series, the games place your character in the midst of the conflicts that preceded the country’s unification and transition to the Edo period. The blend of real world elements and fictional dark fantasy is stirred up the inclusion of monsters and spirits from the myths of Japan. On your journey through the country you must face up to these creatures, and get to grips with a detailed combat system as you encounter supernatural enemies.

In Nioh 2 you control a half human half demon warrior, brought to life by the player in the impressive character creator. There’s a huge amount of variety in fights, enemies and items, to the extent that it can be a bit daunting figuring out which style works for you and which items are actually worth carrying around.

Take control of Hide the half-yokai in the supernatural samurai slash ’em up

Adding fresh features

Just as you’d expect from the complete edition, this version of the game comes ready with all three DLC. There’s a little extra bonus available to those who buy the game within the first three weeks of release though, specifically the ‘Sohaya Deserter Garb’ and ‘Ornate Gold Armour’.

One of the main reasons players are so impatient for the release is that Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition will be available on Steam, and fully playable on PC. With that in mind the game is heavy in technical upgrades, with newly added support for 4K Ultra-HD, ultra-wide-screen compatibility, HDR monitor support, 144Hz monitor support and FPS of up to 60/120 so long as your system can support it. Compatibility with gamepads has also been added, as well as full mouse and keyboard customisation.

The multiplayer options will also be continued over to the new edition, bringing back Benevolent Graves for those looking for some AI assistance, Bloody Graves for those who want battle the AI controlled spectres of other players, and the more wholesome co-op mode at the Torri Gate area, where you can fight alongside friends in-game.

Top Level Japanese Aesthetics

The Nioh series goes deep into Japanese culture, showing some proper dedication to bringing life to setting. The architecture is faithfully reconstructed, the huge range of weapons feature many traditional tools of ninja and samurai, and the reimaging of history gives some depth to the plot.

I tend care more about what I’m swinging my axe at than anything else, and as a fan of Yokai I’m happy to do some damage to them. There may be plenty of strategy worked into the combat system, but as long as I’m smashing through kappa and tengu I’m having fun. On the other hand, the Nioh series has earned its reputation as a tough game to beat. Unfortunately none of the polish that went into the complete edition has made the game any easier.

Nioh 2 – Launch Trailer

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