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Outlet Shopping in Yokohama – Seaside Views & Outlet Deals at MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE

This Japanese outlet mall has big international brands like adidas and New Balance, Japanese fashion brands and specialty products, plus plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the views of Tokyo Bay. Spend a refreshing day outlet shopping in Yokohama at MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE.


Halfway between the Yokohama city center and the leisure zone of Hakkeijima, and within easy reach of Tokyo, MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE is a lively shopping spot tucked in along the waters of Asia’s largest marina, with plenty of great deals and an unexpectedly relaxing atmosphere. The outlet mall has close to 170 different shops and restaurants offering outlet prices and (in many cases) tax-free discounts, with shops ranging from big-name brands with an international reputation, to domestic options loved by locals, some of which you won’t find outside of Japan. And with the exchange rate as it is, there’s never been a better time to go shopping in Japan. At the same time, the location beside the Yokohama Bayside Marina lends every shopping experience a leisurely seaside air. MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE looks out onto a picturesque scene of small boats moored along a bayside promenade, a view easily glimpsed through the windows of many of the mall’s eateries and seating areas. The three-building complex is easily accessible via train or bus from central Yokohama (with its parks, museums, and busy Chinatown), or even from Tokyo, but the bright and open bayside setting of MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE offers a totally unique shopping experience, making it a must-see spot for shopping lovers exploring Japan.

5-2 Shiraho, Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa
 Shops/Services: 10:00 – 20:00
 Restaurants: 11:00 – 21:00
 Food Court: 10:30 – 21:00
Access: 5 min from Torihama Station (Seaside Line), or direct public bus from Yokohama Station (only available weekends & holidays)
Official Website (jp)

Yokohama Outlet Shopping: Japanese Favorites


Start your Japanese outlet shopping trip with the fundamentals of Japanese fashion! BEAMS is what Japan likes to call a “select shop,” meaning they carry a variety of carefully selected fashion and lifestyle items from different brands, including a number of items from their own BEAMS brands. This meticulous curation is what gives BEAMS its distinctly Japanese style: chic, minimalist, but still playful and fun. BEAMS OUTLET offers everyday men’s and women’s styles, ranging from casual looks to businesswear, making it a reliable place for the fashion-conscious among us to update their wardrobes with some new Japanese pieces!


Unlike much of the world, Japan was at first a little hesitant to join in on the trend of athleisure. But now that the wave of stylish leggings and yoga tops has well and truly arrived on the islands, Japanese brands like NERGY have really made the style their own! NERGY is a Japanese brand that makes pieces for a “stylish active lifestyle,” which means they offer everything from sweatpants and sports bras to comfy hoodies and down jackets, all made to keep you looking good throughout your workouts or your everyday errands. There are plenty of “kawaii” items in pastel pinks and blues, but the brand also collaborates with designers and other brands to create some really interesting athleisure wear! This NERGY outlet location is an especially good place to give the brand a try at bargain prices, thanks to a number of special outlet prices for some of their popular products, and even limited-edition outlet items generally displayed front and center.


Japan is known for fine craftsmanship, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the world of kitchenware, where Japan’s refined use of wood and iron really shines. COOK&DINE HAYAMA offers the kinds of beautifully crafted items you’d find in the kitchen of your dreams, many of them constructed simply from natural materials: sturdy cast iron pots and pans stamped with the shop’s original logo, or organically shaped cutting boards made from Japanese ginkgo wood. The shop even offers a small selection of gourmet Japanese food products and condiments, perfect for adding the finishing touches to all the tasty food you’ll be preparing with your new kitchenware. For anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, there are tempting pieces in every direction, but the highlight of their selection is probably the shelves lined with iron kettles. COOK&DINE HAYAMA offers a selection of about 50 different iron kettles – a dream come true for those who love to brew Japanese green tea, and do it right.


Technically next door to MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE and not inside the mall, Uniqlo Park is a jumbo-size retail location for this popular Japanese fashion brand. The enormous building not only includes a huge selection of Uniqlo items, but also spaces for Uniqlo’s sister brand GU (fast fashion for a slightly younger crowd), alongside a whole park with playground areas and a bouldering wall! It’s a must-see for Uniqlo fans visiting Japan.

Yokohama Outlet Shopping: International Staples

adidas factory outlet

Love a good deal on your favorite brands no matter where in the world you go shopping? (It’s certainly a good time to take advantage of the weak yen.) Well, MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE has you covered, with a handful of both high-end fashion brands, and everyday favorites like adidas. This spacious adidas shop offers great deals on a wide variety of the brand’s sports and leisure wear, including specialized shoes and clothing perfect for athletes looking for a little extra support, alongside comfortably fashionable pieces for everyday wear!

New Balance Factory Store

New Balance has been making shoes with a focus on foot support and cutting-edge technology for over a hundred years, and many customers swear by the brand’s footwear construction and range of sizes. Stop by the New Balance Factory Store to pick up a pair of new sneakers for your trip to Japan, or some of the brand’s apparel and accessories.


This Swiss shoe brand is relatively new on the scene, but over the course of a decade or so since its founding in 2010, On has become a big name in the world of running shoes. Using patented cushioning technology, On shoes are made to feel like you’re “running on clouds,” making them good for both jogging and also long days walking around and exploring Japan. Sightseeing in Japan usually requires a lot of walking, to the extent that tourists all too often come to the nasty realization that the old sneakers they thought were so comfortable just aren’t going to cut it. On’s Cloud 5 shoes are frequently one of the first recommendations you’ll get from experienced travelers who know how much walking Japan really requires, so take advantage of the outlet prices and pick up a pair while you’re at MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE. You’ll be walking on air for the rest of your trip!

Food & Fun on Tokyo Bay

Hakodate Marukatsu Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi

Facing the quaint little marina, MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE has a number of different dining options, including little cafes and big food court spaces, but our favorite lunch recommendation is the sushi shop Marukatsu Suisan. There’s nothing like enjoying fresh seafood while looking out the window at a peaceful harbor! The seafood used in this particular shop actually comes from the fish markets of Hokkaido, however, and their specialties include tuna variety platters alongside whatever the day’s freshest catch might be. Order your favorite sushi with confidence using their touch-screen menus that can be switched to English, Korean, or Chinese, then sit back and enjoy the view.

Matcha Treats at Momiji Chaya

Is it really a trip to Japan if you don’t enjoy some delicious green tea? Well, you can happily cross matcha sweets off your Japan to-do list with a trip to Momiji Chaya! This cafe specializes in matcha drinks and desserts made using high-quality Kyoto matcha, and their most famous creation is the Uji Matcha Tiramisu, which layers matcha-soaked cake, irresistibly soft and fluffy whipped cream, and a dusting of fine green matcha powder. (It’s popular enough to have even appeared on TV a few times.) To go with the tiramisu, we recommend an unsweetened matcha latte for a little balance. We recommend their matcha and hojicha (roasted green tea) soft-serve ice cream too! Enjoy the luscious green sweets in the cafe’s stylish seating area, or use their outdoor seats to breathe in the bayside breeze.


For a different kind of Japanese treat, look no further than the humble crepe, a French treat that Japan has transformed into a deliciously over-the-top dessert stuffed with whipped cream, fresh fruit, ice cream, and more. ROCCA&FRIENDS CREPERIE to TEA leans into that decadence by offering a menu of unique local crepes and a series of seasonal options that change throughout the year. The theme is “aroma,” and each one of the crepes is made using high-quality ingredients grown in Japan, with luscious creams and sweet sauces mixed to create fragrant crepes that look as good as they taste. At the time of our visit, limited edition fillings included early fall options like fresh figs and chestnut “mont blanc,” but we decided to try their special Yokohama crepes. The Yokohama Brulee crepe comes filled to the brim with a refreshing lemon cream, and topped with a crunchy layer of caramelized sugar. The Daikokuten Monaka a la Mode crepe is a tribute to retro Japanese culture, featuring a crispy wafer in the shape of the lucky god Daikokuten, stuffed with milk tea cream, and topped with fruit, nuts, and red bean paste. Grab a table on the veranda behind the shop, and don’t forget to take some pictures of your crepe.

Foreign Shoppers Save Big!

Between the peaceful bayside atmosphere and all the great outlet deals, locals clearly love MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE, but it’s actually even better for foreign shoppers! More than a few of the shops at the mall offer tax-free services for travelers visiting Japan, which lets tourists save 10% off the tag price on a huge number of different products. (Just look for the tax-free signs at shop entrances, or check out the directory sign boards placed around the mall.) But even better, MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE also offers a special coupon booklet for foreign shoppers, including both short-term tourists and foreign residents in Japan. These discounts are normally only given to large tour groups and the like, but the mall is giving Japankuru the exclusive opportunity to share them with you too! Just show this article to the staff at the A Block first-floor Information Counter, and you’ll receive a whole booklet of coupons for shops throughout MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE, with perks like an extra 10% off or a free drink.

*Coupon booklet offer valid until March 31, 2024. Shoppers are limited to receiving one coupon booklet each, for use at MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE.

Whether you’re chasing the best deals and discounts while you’re in Japan, or you just want a leisurely day by the bay, MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE is a great choice for travelers exploring Japan. It’s just an hour out of Tokyo, or half that distance from Yokohama! So pick up your coupons and shop till you drop: grab a new pair of walking shoes at the New Balance Factory Store or On, refresh your wardrobe at BEAMS OUTLET, and put together the kitchen of your dreams at COOK&DINE HAYAMA. Then indulge in fresh sushi while you take in the great views of the marina, and treat yourself to some sweet treats and bitter matcha! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing shopping experience than a day at MITSUI OUTLET PARK YOKOHAMA BAYSIDE.


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