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Shrine Recommendations in Tokyo ・ Part 3 ・ Love & Romance

Join me on a trip to one of my three favorite shrines in Tokyo, each good for a different kind of luck!

Whether it comes to passing tests or a little financial luck, all of my shrine recommendations come from my personal experiences, and my own luck after visiting them all. Of course, that includes this one, the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine (東京大神宮) in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, just three minutes walk from Iidabashi Station.

It all depends on your own beliefs and your own perseverance, so your luck may vary―but when it comes to good relationships, this is the shrine I recommend.

The most important part of any shrine visit is to pray to the Shinto god enshrined there, and the process is no different at Tokyo Daijingu. Toss your 5 yen coin, and give a little prayer, just like I explained at Yushima Tenjin Shrine.

Why do I recommend Tokyo Daijingu Shrine out of all the shrines in Tokyo dedicated to love and good relationships? Well, years ago, I started to have feelings for a certain person, but I wasn’t sure if I should pursue themーI was worried it might not turn out well, that I might break my heart, and a hundred other things. So I decided that when it comes to matters of the heart, nobody could give me better advice than the gods, so I decided to look for a shrine just for that purpose. Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is popular on the internet, with commenters writing that after praying at the shrine their crush asked them out, or they’d found the love of their life, or gotten married. With so many positive reviews, I decided to go and see.

Image Source: Tokyo Daijingu

When I made my prayers at Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, I asked the gods for a favor. If this person I was interested in was really the one for me, then I wanted the gods to keep him around. If not, I wanted them to send him away. I bought two different omamori amulets, one with two white lilies (meaning happiness is on the way), and another in the shape of a key (to unlock the heart of someone special). I kept the omamori with me at all times, and after about a month, that special someone and I started going out. Now, thanks (perhaps) to the gods of Tokyo Daijingu Shrine, we’ve been together for three years.

This is an embarrassing story for me to tell, and one that I usually keep to myself, as it feels too personal. But I’m sharing it in hopes that all the readers out there will feel the same happiness and fulfillment I did, after visiting the shrine!

If you get an omikuji (fortune), this little seating area is the perfect place to pause and translate it (as much as you can).

Once you’ve found the love of your life, don’t forget to return your good luck charms to the shrine! Omamori are only good for one year, and after that (when they’ve expired, basically!), you’re supposed to return the used-up amulets to a box like this in the shrine, so the priests can ritually burn them.

After putting your heart at ease, it’s time to deal with your stomach! If you’re ready for a sweet snack after visiting the shrine, the perfect place is a little under a kilometer away. The walk takes a little over ten minutes, so it’s not the quickest trip, but the road between the shrine and the shop has plenty to keep you interested, so it won’t feel far. It’s a great neighborhood to explore on foot.

We’ve arrived! Our destination today is Kagurazaka Saryo (神楽坂茶寮), a cozy cafe where friends gather around tables both indoors and out, to sip tea, eat sweets, and chat.

There are lunch sets too, if you’re feeling hungry!

They also have a selection of Japanese-style sweets. You can see their full menu here.

I ordered a bowl of green tea ice cream with red bean, mochi, and syrup, and paired it with a simple pot of tea. They have a whole variety of teas, so I asked the staff for a recommendation, and the slightly bitter flavor of the tea fit perfectly with the super-sweet bowl of ice cream!

Full of hopes for the future and green tea ice cream, I finally headed home. I hope your visit to Tokyo Daijingu Shrine (or Yushima Tenjin Shrine, or Koami Shrine) will bring you as much luck as I’ve found exploring the shrines of Tokyo. Good luck!


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