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Social Distancing Game: Mitsu Desu!

Politics meet personal space in this browser game.

Do find yourself gaming more recently? Are you looking for something to while away the hours at home? Do you want to practice your social distancing so that when you need to go outside you will be a social distancing master? 

Well then do we have the game for you! Published by twitter user Gunjo Chikin on Gaming Chahan and available to play online now Mitsu Desu! (You’re too close!) is a game where you have to make sure that the crowds of suited salarymen avoid coming near to you. If other people don’t respect your social distance, you lose a mask until it’s eventually game over. 

Actual Gameplay

The sample of the main character has been taken from Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike’s call for Tokyoites to respect social distancing even though there had been no official lockdown announced by the government. Another recent political theme is in referenced in the game, with Prime Minister Abe Shinzo turning up to provide two masks to the player. 

The crowds gradually get bigger and faster, and bonuses start to appear so get clicking to practice your social distancing from the safety of your own home: