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Somebody asked Japanese commuters what irritates them…

The Japan Private Railway Association receives a lot of data from its constituent companies. Most of the data isn’t really useful for the casual observer but other data can give an interesting insight into the lives of the average commuter in Japan.

According to the JPRA survey results, the thing Japanese commuters all over the country find enraging? Backpacks.

Topping the survey results, backpacks and shoulder bags are universally hated with 35.5% of male respondents and 42.5% of female respondents giving it the evil eye. Delving into the details, the results show “backpacks” were the #2 irritant for men, with the top spot going to “noisy conversations”. Amazingly, female respondents think backpacks are worse than “manspreading”! Now that’s bad…

Source: Japan Private Railway Association
[Original article in Japanese]

Photos: Pakutaso