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Spice up your mealtime & win tasty S&B prizes

HYPER JAPAN has always brought the most authentic Japanese food to London, and now we’ve teamed up with S&B to bring the most authentic Japanese ingredients directly into your kitchen. If you’re like us, you’ll love cooking at home and here’s your chance to spice up your favourite dishes with a special giveaway. 

S&B are one of the most famous food companies in Japan and have been producing and distributing a dazzling variety of spices, condiments and cooking ingredients since 1923. They were the first company to manufacture curry powder in Japan and to introduce many herbs and spices from overseas, adding to Japan’s unique culinary culture. 

Now they want the world to taste their success by offering flavourful products such as Wasabi in Tube, Golden Curry, Nanami Togarashi Assorted Chili Pepper and Yuzu Kosho Spicy Citrus Paste available right here in the UK! 

To celebrate all the home cooks out there, S&B are giving you the chance to win a range of exciting condiments. Upload pictures of your meals featuring S&B spices and get exclusive prizes delivered to your door! 

All the info is on the HYPERJAPAN Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so follow us for more updates.  

Whether you’re making a meal to remember for a special someone or trying a brand new recipe – why not spice it up with S&B and HYPER JAPAN!  

* The special giveaway will be sent only to UK residence.  

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