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The Best Golf Shopping in Tokyo: Get into the Golf Game at Niki Golf, the Home of Golf Goods in Japan

With a huge selection of both new and used golf equipment, and a convenient shop location in central Ueno, more than 10 million golfers already agree that Niki Golf is the perfect place for golf shopping in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Golf Shop of Every Golfer’s Dreams

Golf is on the rise worldwide, overcoming its old stuffy image and gaining popularity among players of all ages and genders, including Millenials and the young adults of Gen Z. It’s a sport that’s simple to learn and easy to start, but undeniably difficult to polish, making it a fun new challenge that has managed to hook enthusiastic athletes young and old. Perhaps the biggest obstacle for new golfers is, simply, the equipment. If you’re interested in exploring all golf has to offer, but feeling a little intimidated about all the gear, you probably have some questions: Where do you buy golf equipment in Japan? What do you look for, and how do you choose? And where are the best deals on golf equipment in Tokyo?

Fortunately, we think we have some answers for aspiring golfers. Niki Golf, located in the busy Ueno shopping area of Ameyoko, makes golf shopping easy at their Ameyoko flagship and their Ameyoko Secondhand Center. The wide variety of products includes everything from clubs to accessories, at price points and levels good for everyone from newbies to advanced golfers. It’s no exaggeration to say that Niki Golf has everything you need for a great golf experience, making it a must-see for golfers in Tokyo.

Niki Golf Ameyoko (Flagship)

Ameyoko is a busy post-war market street that grew up beside the train tracks between Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station, and the historic area still buzzes with crowds who come to enjoy the variety of restaurants and shops selling everything from everyday food and clothing to unique souvenirs. Plenty of travelers come just to enjoy the unique atmosphere. But if you go out the north exit of Okachimachi Station and join the crowd passing under the big “Ameyoko” (アメ横) sign, you’ll find that just across the street from the Don Quijote is Niki Golf Ameyoko, our main destination for Tokyo golf shopping.

Niki Golf’s Ameyoko flagship has two floors stocked with a wide selection of golf gear from a variety of different brands. The ground floor is mainly full of golf clubs of all shapes and sizes, and there’s even a small corner where you can test out some of the putters to find which you like best. (Other clubs can be tested in full at the nearby Secondhand Center.) Up on the second floor, the shelves lined with all the golf supplies you could ever want, including golf wear, golf shoes, and golf bags.

One major reason why golfers often choose to shop at Niki Golf is the wide variety of products from different brands on display, but we think the low prices are even more impressive. The items marked with a yellow tag are especially worth noting as the yellow indicates “new old stock” – unused products sold well below the original list price. For shoppers coming from overseas, not only do you get the additional benefits of tax-free shopping and a very weak yen, but the salespeople at Niki Golf are even willing to haggle, which is rare in Japan. The more you buy, the more flexible they are with prices, so it’s not hard to negotiate discounts for a great deal on a golf gear shopping spree!

Niki Golf Ameyoko Flagship (二木ゴルフ アメ横本店)
6-4-6 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo
Hours: 10:30 – 19:30
Official Website (jp)

Niki Golf Ameyoko Shopping List

Check out some of the most popular products sold at Niki Golf, and some of our recommendations.

Premium Honma Golf Clubs

If you’re interested in golf, you probably already know about the premium golf products made by the popular Japanese brand Honma Golf, and the selection of Honma clubs at Niki Golf Ameyoko definitely deserves a look during your golf shopping trip in Tokyo. Their BERES Series not only offers a good choice of options in terms of performance, but also plenty of different designs too, making shopping twice as fun. Their flashy clubs featuring shimmering gold and rich red designs are especially popular among customers who like an air of luxury, but the clubs decorated with traditional Japanese designs are not only elegant, but these rare items will remind you of your trip to Japan every time you use them! (Honma’s golf clubs with traditional Japanese designs are a limited run, only available while supplies last, so interested shoppers should get their clubs before it’s too late.)

The BERES Lady Go Set is a big hit with woman golfers since the set offers a variety of premium Honma products at a reasonable price. It’s ideal for intermediate players looking to upgrade their golf equipment.

Majesty: The CEO’s Golf Club of Choice

Of course Niki Golf Ameyoko also offers luxury golf products from Majesty, sometimes referred to as the maker of the “CEO’s” or “chairman’s” golf club due to the brand’s popularity among those in high places. If you’ve always wanted a Majesty golf club but found yourself hesitating at the high price, now you can take advantage of low prices, the weak yen, and tax-free shopping!

A Golf Standard, the Dunlop XXIO Series

Dunlop is already a beloved sporting equipment manufacturer with a reputation for making good golf clubs, and their premium XXIO brand has been a hit in Asia in recent years.

The XXIO Ladies products have been the real standouts lately, earning fans throughout the women’s golf community. Niki Golf’s Ameyoko Main Shop even offers an exclusive limited-edition of the XXIO Ladies line, with a loft angle of 11.5 degrees and a shaft with L (ladies’) flex (restock may take 10~14 days). These special clubs are apparently quite popular with the community of stylish young woman golfers growing in Korea, and Niki Golf sells about five of them every month! Not only are these clubs a Niki Golf Ameyoko exclusive, but the practical construction comes decorated in fun, fresh colors too. If you’re looking for the whole package when shopping for women’s golf clubs, you’ll want to take a look at these.

Complete Golf Sets for Beginners

For beginners just starting to get into golf, the high prices of high-quality golf clubs can be difficult to bear. If you really want to start properly with a full set of clubs, however, one corner of Niki Golf Ameyoko is dedicated to a selection of full golf sets recommended for beginner golfers, which include clubs from brands like Calloway and Bridgestone.

Golf Wear

The first floor of Niki Golf Ameyoko is lined with racks of golf clubs in all shapes and sizes, so it’s clear what Niki Golf is all about, but the second floor of the shop is focused on all the other golfing goods needed for the sport. Right at the top of the stairs, there’s an area packed full of ladies’ and men’s golf wear in a wide variety of styles, including popular brands like Descente, Calloway, and Titleist.

Left: New Balance spiked golf shoes | Right: FootJoy spikeless golf shoes

One of Niki Golf Ameyoko’s strong points is their selection of golf shoes, which are not only available in men’s and women’s styles, but even in an extended range of larger shoe sizes you don’t often see in Japan! One of their most popular and highly recommended golf shoe brands is FootJoy, which makes shoes with a special BOA®︎ Fit System dial that offers precise adjustment options for a great fit beloved by athletes around the world. The shoe selection includes spikeless golf shoes, spiked shoes, and replacement spikes which can be purchased separately.

The Coreforce Loop: A Multipurpose Accessory Built for Athletes

Next on our list is an accessory that many athletes claim works like magic. In a display case next to the stairs at Niki Golf Ameyoko you’ll find the Coreforce Loop, a flexible magnetic accessory that can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace, made with “Coreforce Powder” that’s said to help with athletes’ performance. The product has quite a few fans within the Japanese golfing community, with a number of pro athletes claiming that wearing the Coreforce Loop improves their core balance. It’s not generally available outside of Japan, so if you want to bring home some of Japan’s latest golf tech, the Coreforce Loop’s exclusivity (and conveniently small size) makes it a great souvenir!

Easy-to-Pack Practice Supplies

Speaking of convenient smaller items that are easy to buy and bring home in a suitcase – Niki Golf has a broad selection of unique Japanese golf goods aside from bulky clubs, so there are plenty of nice souvenir options. Fans of Japanese pop culture can lean into Japan’s burgeoning anime and cute character industry by taking home putter covers featuring Pokemon or other popular Japanese characters, while golfers who prefer more elegant gear can look for Niki Golf’s golfball sets decorated with traditional Japanese designs. They make great keepsakes that will remind you of your trip to Japan every time you go golfing!

Look around and you’ll also find some really practical items that aren’t all that common. Their women’s golf gloves come in very small sizes, which little-handed ladies will appreciate, but they’re also available for both the left and right hand, so they can be worn as a set for a secure grip! Nearby, they also have a few different products that we think will add a little fun and convenience to your game. Their small totes featuring cute Japanese characters are great for carrying smaller bits of gear during golf practice, or just carrying around your everyday necessities, and their caddy bag travel covers will keep all your gear safe from scratches when you’re on the move. Plus, don’t miss the UV-blocking sunglasses to protect your eyes when you’re out on the green!

It might be a little bulky, but Niki Golf highly recommends these golf bags with casters, which are easy to wheel around as a suitcase!

Niki Golf Secondhand Center Ameyoko

Just around the corner (and down a short flight of stairs) from Niki Golf Ameyoko is the retailer’s sister shop specializing in used golf equipment, Niki Golf Secondhand Center Ameyoko. It’s understandable to feel a little apprehensive about shopping secondhand, especially overseas when you’re not sure what to expect, from what the selection will look like to what condition the products will be in. But the Niki Golf Secondhand Center is neatly organized with convenient displays divided by brand or product, offering a perfectly pleasant shopping experience. Best of all, the Niki Golf Secondhand Center has earned a reputation for great deals, with shoppers often bragging about finding clubs in like-new condition for a steal of a price. For foreign shoppers, the second-hand discounts are even better with the addition of tax-free benefits!

If you have low expectations for a used golf goods store, you might want to think again, because this shop has a pretty impressive selection of popular golf brands and equipment in excellent condition. Niki Golf even offers used versions of their complete beginner golf sets, which include secondhand golf bags along with a full selection of clubs, all for one very low price. If you’re new to golf and you don’t mind used equipment, you’d be hard-pressed to find better deals!

The used golf bags at Niki Golf come in a range of conditions (from pristine to pretty scuffed up) and a corresponding range of prices, and that variety makes them an especially popular purchase. Some customers certainly find great caddy bags to use on a regular basis, but there are other reasons as well. Interested in buying golf clubs in Japan, but not sure how to pack them and bring them home safely? Or perhaps you want to go golfing in Japan during your trip, but you really don’t need a new bag to add to your collection? Niki Golf often sells golf bags nearing the end of their lifespan for rock-bottom prices, giving customers a chance to get one last use out of them!

The huge racks of golf clubs lining the walls and filling the floor of the Niki Golf Secondhand Center give golfers a lot to choose from, so if you’re not sure which clubs are right for you, you can test them out in-store! Over at the Niki Golf flagship store there’s a little corner where you can test out putters, but at the Secondhand Center has a full indoor golf simulator where you can really get a feel for the clubs before buying!

▶︎ Club Testing Corner Rules: If you would like to test clubs in the golf simulator, please ask the nearest member of staff. You may test out two golf clubs for up to ten minutes.

Niki Golf Secondhand Center Ameyoko (二木ゴルフ 中古センター アメ横店)
4-6-1 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo
Hours: 10:30 – 19:30
Official Website (jp)

▶︎ Directly next to the Secondhand Center you’ll also find Cafe Niki, a classic Japanese-style coffee shop perfect for when you need a little break from shopping. These kinds of retro “kissaten” cafes in Japan still generally permit smoking at the table, so smokers might particularly enjoy a visit!

Cafe Niki (珈琲喫茶 二木)
4-6-1 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo
Hours: 10:30 – 18:00

Polish Your Game with a Golf Shopping Trip to Ueno

Between the main Niki Golf Ameyoko flagship store and Niki Golf Secondhand Center Ameyoko, there’s a lot of great golf equipment and even better deals to be found in Tokyo! Niki Golf already has reasonable prices, but thanks to the weak yen, tax-free discounts, frequent sales, and even a willingness to haggle, these days we think golf shoppers will find it hard not to leave the shop with a whole suitcase full of new gear. Seasoned golfers can find all the brands they love, and anyone new to the game who’s still learning what they need can get plenty of good advice from the friendly staff throughout the store. There are even English speakers on staff (and a handy pocket translator for other languages) ready to support shoppers who don’t speak Japanese, so they’re prepared and ready to help foreign golfers get exactly what they need.

Of course, Niki Golf’s convenient Ameyoko location is not only close to the station, but it’s close to quite a few popular Tokyo sightseeing spots as well. Enjoy the atmosphere of Ameyoko, take a break in Ueno Park, check out the museums and Ueno Zoo, and make the most of your time in Ueno – you’ll leave Japan with a bundle of fond memories and a bag full of golf gear!

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