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tricot talk Dogs and Ducks

After releasing regular singles throughout the last strange couple of years, indie darlings tricot are back with a brand new album, and a new way of doing things.

Next year they’ll finally be coming back to the UK as part of their Spring European tour!

We caught up with them before their new album release and tour to talk everything tricot.

L-R Hiromi, Ikkyu, Yoshida and Kida

Jodeki means “good job” or “well done”. Are you congratulating yourselves or
congratulating someone else? What are the congratulations for?

Ikkyu: They are for us right now. Since live concerts have been cancelled
due to the corona virus, and our activities have been curtailed. There are
things that can be done and things that can’t be done in lockdown, but I’m
blessed that I can still create and release music.


What stories do you have about creating the album?

Kida: This is the first time we’ve worked with a producer, so we added
guitar effects that we’ve never used before and it feels like we’re creating
things from a whole new viewpoint.


Hiromi: We’ve been releasing singles so it feels like we’ve been writing
songs for this album the whole time. We’ve even been arranging demos that we
made a long time ago and including them on the album.


Have you done anything on this album that you had not done before?

Hiromi: This time we got a Kentaro Nakano to produce our song “WALKING”, and
it was the first time I played Synth-Bass.


Yoshida: I didn’t do anything revolutionary with the drums, but on every
track I tried to subtly change the nuance of the drum phrases.


You’re releasing the instrumental version of the album as well.
Do you want fans to remix or use it for karaoke?

Ikkyu: We want people to enjoy it in lots of different ways. The number 1
way I suggest people enjoy it, is how I usually enjoy it, by making up melodies
to sing along with the music!


Jodeki Album Cover

During the pandemic you were not able to tour for two years.
In that time what has changed and what have you learned?

Kida: Up until now, we would usually write our songs in the studio, but
since that’s been difficult, we’ve been gradually making our own little demos
and sending them to each other.

We discovered the benefits of working from home, and writing songs together


Ikkyu: We used to always be surrounded by loads of people, and our shows
were full of clapping and cheering, but since we’ve played a couple of remote
shows, we’ve learned the importance of our live audience. We’ve also found a
way to get around the restrictions of live shows – we’ve had fun playing silent
shows with no BGM, no chit-chat with the audience, and no applause. We loved
them so much that when everything goes back to  normal, we’re thinking of
planning more silent shows!


One of the singles released this year was the catchy “Dogs and Ducks”.
Do you think you are more like a dog or a duck, and which sort of dog or duck?

Ikkyu: People tell me I look like a deer.


Kida: If I was forced to pick, I’d say I was a shiba. But truthfully, I’m
not a dog or a duck, I’m a cat.


Dogs and Ducks – tricot

Your tour is crossing the UK and Europe, where are you looking forward to visiting most?

Ikkyu: Whichever country we go to, they’re all fun! I want to enjoy every
country’s atmosphere, national character, and history.


Kida: There are things that I enjoy about every country, but I’m also
looking forward to visiting Spain for the first time and Slovakia, where I have
many memories of participating in festivals.


Hiromi: I’m also looking forward to going to Spain for the first time.


Yoshida: Personally, I love Spanish language music, so I’m looking forward
to Spain!


tricot tour dates

Do you have a message for your fans in the UK and Europe?

Ikkyu: I’m sure that some people will enjoy the instrumental version of the
album, but at the live shows I’m going to be singing my heart out!


Kida: I’m looking forward to meeting our new fans and our old fans! We’re
going to have a good time.


Hiromi: It’s been a long time since we were able to tour and see our fans
around the world. Please listen to our album lots and lots!


Yoshida: I want to bring this fresh, new energy on our first overseas tour
in a long time. We’re working hard to make it the most incredible show for


So you can check out tricot in the spring on their European tour, and see more great interviews with Japanese artists at HYPER JAPAN.

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