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Virtual Visits!

Your very own private tour of amazing sights and sites in Japan.

The lockdown has put a damper on lots of travel plans, grounding planes and closing all manner of tourist sites. Summer holidays are looking very unlikely, and international travel almost impossible.

Luckily there are still ways to experience some unique places in Japan online. Join us as we take a look at some virtual tours which you can do from home.

Logging on to… Learning!

The National Museum of Nature and Science has an incredible VR tour. Explore the flora and fauna of Japan in your own time:

One of the most popular tours in Kansai, this Kyoto Sake distillery has an interactive tour, showing you around the process for creating the famous Japanese spirit:

Tokyo’s super futuristic Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, the Miraikan, has teamed up with google to provide you with full access to the exhibits with online exhibits and virtual museum views:

Japanese timepiece manufacturer Seiko have also opened up their company museum. See the history of watches, clocks, and whatever else you set your heart on.

For any photographers out there Olympus, the long running optics and camera company, is a good choice to spend an hour or so:

It’s not just museums. Even though Kyoto may be closed for tourism, the famous golden temple of Kinkakuji is still open for online visits:

2d over 3d

Since most of these places are currently not open, this could be your only chance to experience them for now.

Did you learn something on an online tour?
Is there another place you’d love to visit online?

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