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Want More From Japan & JR? Join the JAPAN RAIL CLUB for a Japanese Subscription Box, Events, & More

With club benefits like monthly Japanese subscription box deliveries, special member events, and the latest news straight from JR, the JAPAN RAIL CLUB is an obvious choice for Japan lovers who always find themselves planning their next trip to Japan on the flight home.

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Japan is famous for its extensive rail networks and trains that are not only clean and comfortable but even run on time, thanks to the polished efficiency of the JR Group (Japan Railways). But these days, train schedules aren’t the only thing you’ll find JR running! From JR EAST (JR’s eastern subsidiary), the JAPAN RAIL CLUB offers special benefits tailored to the interests of Japan lovers from around the world, offering both free and paid memberships. Benefits range from the latest Japanese sightseeing and railway news to regular deliveries of Japanese snacks gathered from around Japan’s 47 prefectures, and club members can even look forward to exclusive members-only events – online or in-person the next time they travel to Japan. Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan, or still basking in the afterglow of your last Japanese adventure, if you’re looking for ways to stay connected with everything you love about Japan, this unique service from JR EAST is a fun and easy way to do it.

JAPAN RAIL CLUB Member Benefits

For Free Members

Without paying a single cent (or a single yen), the JAPAN RAIL CLUB’s free members already get access to member exclusives delivered via the JAPAN RAIL CLUB Facebook page and JAPAN RAIL CLUB mailing list. Sign up for the newsletter and follow their social media for sightseeing information to help you plan your next trip to Japan, fun facts and stories from locals, exclusive information, and even deals to help you save money on your next trip to Japan. Plus, it’s easy to join the club and start getting updates from Japan ASAP!

▶︎ Become a free member and sign up for the mailing list.
▶︎ Check out the JAPAN RAIL CLUB Facebook page for easy updates.
▶︎ Follow them on Instagram for behind-the-scenes fun from JR, and lots more.

Image Source: JAPAN RAIL CLUB Official Website

You can sign up for the mailing list in one easy step! Just click on the image above to get to the mailing list registration page, and enter your name, e-mail address, country, and language of choice (English or Traditional Chinese) to become a free JAPAN RAIL CLUB member in a matter of seconds.

For Paid Members

If getting Japanese snacks and souvenirs delivered to your doorstep sounds like a dream come true, you might want to consider becoming a paying member of the JAPAN RAIL CLUB. Souvenir culture is strong in Japan, and locals have a deep love for “omiyage” (お土産), which are usually snacks or other regional items brought back home for friends and family. The JAPAN RAIL CLUB monthly subscription box for paying members is like a box of souvenirs from all over Japan, with a selection of curated snacks carefully chosen each month by JR East staff in Japan. JR train stations are basically the go-to place to pick up omiyage in Japan anyway, so you know these JR East experts know what to look for! Each month gets its own seasonal theme, and each subscription box is subsequently filled with a variety of snacks from around Japan’s 47 prefectures, often including rare locally-made treats you can’t find outside of Japan. Past boxes have included locally-grown teas, handmade rice crackers, Japanese coffee and chocolates, fruit-filled pastries, traditional wagashi sweets, and much more! If you love Japan so much you find yourself missing the country as soon as you get home, these deliveries for JAPAN RAIL CLUB members promise a little dose of Japan every month!

The popular subscription box isn’t the only perk of being a paying JAPAN RAIL CLUB member! JR East also has a whole variety of exclusive events in the works, many of which will be limited only to JAPAN RAIL CLUB members. Other JR East events open to the public will also grant club members priority when it comes to buying tickets or reserving a spot! The special event schedule for JAPAN RAIL CLUB members is set to include unique JR tours, special viewing opportunities at JR railway workshops (or “rolling stock centers”), and even online tours of Japanese sightseeing spots, so you can enjoy a little bit of Japan even from the comfort of your sofa. Club members get access to events they can enjoy from home, and special event opportunities worth planning a trip to Japan around!

Image Source: JAPAN RAIL CLUB Official Website

Ready to become a paying JAPAN RAIL CLUB member? We recommend signing up as a free member first thing, to make it easier to manage your account, and make sure you’re on the mailing list too. But you can jump right into the subscription process without an account, too! It’s easy enough to do, and it only takes three steps.

① Press the “Subscribe Now” button on the home page.
② Select your subscription plan. (The longer the membership you choose, the better deal you get!)
③ Enter your contact, delivery, and payment information, and press “Pay Now.”

You’re officially a paying JAPAN RAIL CLUB Member! Look out for all the fun benefits coming soon.

Join Today & Start for Free

From the tastiest local snacks hand-picked from across Japan, to exclusive JR tours and sightseeing events, a paid JAPAN RAIL CLUB membership offers a lot of tantalizing temptations for anyone who loves Japan. But even without signing up for a subscription box, all of the JAPAN RAIL CLUB’s fun news and updates from Japan make a free membership a great place to start. Whether you’ve just come back from your last trip to Japan, or you’re dreaming of your next one, we recommend checking out the JAPAN RAIL CLUB Facebook page, and signing up for their free mailing list, to keep Japan close even when you’re living far away!

▶︎ JAPAN RAIL CLUB Official Website (en)
▶︎ JAPAN RAIL CLUB Mailing List
▶︎ JAPAN RAIL CLUB Instagram

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