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What happens when the IT department does art

We all have mobiles and most of us have cases to protect them. Some are functional, some are needlessly confusing and others make you want to go and get one! PCB ART moeco has announced a new design in their FLASH series of iPhone cases which depicts Hokusai’s Great Wave print.

As the name suggests, the case is made out of a real PCB (printed circuit board) and the art is created using PCB elements! NOw, while other cases certainly have Hokusai designs on them, how many have a red blinking light on them! Yes, this LED light works off the residual energy released by your mobile, so no battery! Geeks of the world, rejoice!

The FLASH lineup of PCB cases includes a whole host of city maps and other neat designs which you can see on their homepage or purchase via RakutenVerdict: Not cheap but definitely unique.

Source: @Press
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