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HYPER JAPAN is not just an event, we are a group of Japan Lovers!

Do you love Cosplay, Manga, J-Fashion, Japanese Music or any other aspect of Japanese culture?Want to share your passion with other Japan fans?We are looking for community leaders to take part in online events, speaking and curating alongside the HYPER JAPAN team.
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If you are also a Cosplay, Manga, J-Fashion, Japanese Music or any other aspect of Japanese culture lover, join the meetup and share your passion with the community!
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Please read the guide line carefully before joining the meetup. 
This is FREE event.


9th August, 14:00-16:00

Nippon-Enjoy Japan and Japanese
Speak like an native, Write like a native

Talk about Japan and Japanese culture. Traditional to modern. Food, art, travel and all kind of things.  Speak using right words, grammar and smooth accents and intonations which will help you sound like a native.  The meetup will be done from the beautiful garden at Chiddingstone castle in Kent. They have great Japanese collection. They hold Japan day once a year with performances, demonstrations and workshops. If you have some calligraphy kit or some round brush and ink prepare you can enjoy more. Otherwise pen and paper is fine. 

About the community Leader Takako
I am a Calligrapher and I have learnt calligraphy for over 50 years. I Sell personalised calligraphy also teaching I also do demonstrations with big calligraphy and  I challenged world Guinness record with 104m calligraphy. I am a professional announcer as well as voiceover actress. I am producing an anime voice morning alarm and ring tone at this moment. I have been teaching Japanese over 20 years because I trained as an announcer, my Japanese is very accurate like Oxbridge or BBC English. 

Find more about Takako
Facebook group  ‘Nippon-Enjoy Japan and Japanese’ is 

5th September, 18:00-

J-Pop Idol Fan Online Meet Up

The community is a place for fans of J-Pop Idols who attend Hyper Japan to meet and talk about the idols and groups they enjoy.
About the community Leader Adam Mitchell
I am a former content creator, who has interviewed various idol performers both at HYPER  JAPAN and independently, and have a good knowledge of the scene, especially “Underground Idol.

12th September, 14:00-

Kaigai Idol Klub

Kaigai Idol Klub is a special event all about overseas Jpop idols! You’ll learn performance tips and get all the behind the scenes info about what it’s like to perform as an idol outside of Japan, as well as be able to interact and collaborate with other idols. Whether you’re an idol yourself or a fan of idols this is sure to be a fun and interesting event!
About the community Leader SORA (formerly known as SOU)
SORA started off as an odottemita dancer on YouTube in 2009 under the name Destiny. She did her first ever convention performance in 2010 and continued to perform regularly at conventions up until 2015, using the name SOU.
In 2017, she started her blog Dansei Idol Girl all about Jpop boy groups. 2019 saw her return to performing at conventions after a 3 year hiatus; re-debuting as SORA, an all-new ‘idol’ persona with a main focus on covering songs from male idol groups. 

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