SPOGOMI UK – Pick up trash and ticket to Tokyo!

Join the UK Selection – the World Cup of Litter Picking!

Lead your World Cup of Litter Picking team to victory for a place in the World Cup Final against 20 other national teams.

Japanese competitive litter picking event, SPOGOMI, comes to the UK. Register your team now for a family friendly day out, cleaning up the environment and getting your chance to join the final in Tokyo, Japan!

The Event Starts at 13:00 at the Hackney Marshes Centre on Saturday the 12th of August, 2023.

Register now at the SPOGOMI UK Website


“Picking up trash is a sport!”
SPOGOMI was born in Japan in 2008 as a sport in which 3-person teams compete against each other to pick up as much rubbish as possible. Points are awarded according to the amount and type of trash picked up in a given area within a set time limit.

SPOGOMI not only eliminates litter through competition, but it is also a sport where anyone can win with the right combination of teamwork, strategy and tactics.

About SPOGOMI world cup

After the success of SPOGOMI in Japan and around Asia, 2023 sees 20 teams from national selections around the world have the opportunity to join in a special international SPOGOMI World Cup event. This is the first time that SPOGOMI will be held worldwide in order to share the message of positive environmental action in the community and reduce the amount of trash that flows into the ocean.

The winners of the qualifying tournaments will represent their country and receive a ticket to the World Cup scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan in November 2023.

About the SPOGOMI UK Selection

The beautiful parks of Hackney Marshes will serve as the pitch for the first ever UK SPOGOMI Litter Picking World Cup qualifiers. Join fellow litter pickers, enjoy the greenery, and help to keep these legendary London parks looking gorgeous.

Hackney Marshes is a mixture of natural and tended park with woodlands, fields, playing fields and nature reserves. It is popular throughout the year with locals, and regularly hosts events like the Hackney Marathon. Unfortunately this means lots of litter.

SPOGOMI is appropriate for families, friends, and community groups, and combines gentle exercise with reducing litter, and beautifying the community.

Register your team on the official SPOGOMI UK site now and get ready to litter pick like you’ve never litter picked before!

SPOGOMI UK is organised for the Social Sports Initiative by Cross Media Ltd.
It is supported by The Nippon Foundation and Fast Retailing

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