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*UPDATE* Cosplay Prop Guidance! (Replica weapons etc.)

The rules regarding cosplay props are very clear in certain areas. Other areas are less clear so the following information has been compiled to give the greatest amount of guidance on what props will be, or will not be allowed.

Not allowed:

  • Firearms
  • Replica guns with orange tips
  • Realistic/ metal weapons
  • Props and/or weapons with sharp edges
  • Bokken (Wooden swords)
  • Wooden Staffs
  • Bows and crossbows
  • Unsecured whips
  • Pyrotechnics/explosives


  • Soft/foam/cardboard non-realistic weapons
  • Toy weapons (think Jedi lightsaber, or a Splatoon Inkling Splattershot Blaster)
  • Wooden Wizard wands

At the Door

  • Event security at the visitor entrances will be determining which props will be allowed into the event. Please understand if security err on the side of caution and do not allow your prop inside the event.
  • If your prop is not allowed into the event, you will be guided to a safe store room where your prop will be stored until you leave the event
  • What to consider:

    • Does it look real?
    • Does it look dangerous?
    • Could it be intimidating, or confusing to members of the public?
    • Not everyone knows about cosplay so please keep ALL props covered on the way to Olympia, as well as when going home.
    • There will be ZERO tolerance for anyone found to be intimidating the public with a replica weapon.

    We want HYPER JAPAN to be a great event for all and as these are rules will be tightly followed at the event, please make sure to read them carefully!