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Community Event Guidelines

HYPER JAPAN welcomes suggestions from community and fan groups in the UK who wish to promote their interest at HYPER JAPAN events by running contents such as panels, workshops or similar contents. We are able to offer participating persons/groups incentives according to their efforts with guidelines as detailed below. HYPER Fringe exhibitors who are also interested in running events along these lines should make it clear in their application. Ideally, especially for larger and/or more complicated projects, we’d like to meet you in London before the event to discuss things in person, so please keep this in mind.

Simple Panel/Event:

Requirements: Present a Panel or run an event lasting no less than 30 minutes, at least 4 times in a single HYPER JAPAN session (Variations such as two 1-hour workshops are possible). Promote your panel/event and presence at HYPER JAPAN to your community and others.

Incentives: Entry to that session for a reasonable number of persons involved in the panel/event (HYPER JAPAN Organisers’ discretion, but a maximum of around 4 for a panel), and space to run it in. Some equipment use may be possible for suitable suggestions, for example A/V.

Large projects/Long Events:

Requirements: Organise and run some kind of event content as above, which runs longer than 3 hours throughout the course of a single HYPER JAPAN session and/or involves our stage. Promote your event and presence at HYPER JAPAN to your community and others.

Incentives: As above, plus a catered Japanese-style lunch and up to one bonus ticket per participant. Potential for prize support for suitable contests. There is also a possibility of assistance with travel or transport fees where appropriate. Any group/persons looking to have a presence on all three days of a HYPER JAPAN event can discuss further details with us after we get in contact.

To contact us and submit your proposal, please use this form.