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HYPER JAPAN 2013 will be jam-packed with stalls, areas and shows dedicated to one of Japan’s most exciting exports: amazing, inspiring, fun and colourful street fashion. Dress up in your finest and join the fun, including:

HYPER JAPAN is also the place to find a unique array of more traditional Japanese clothing. At HYPER JAPAN 2012 Christmas, visitors were able to marvel at the timeless beauty and exquisite cut of the kimono, courtesy of exhibitors such as FUJI KIMONO and Kimono De Go. Learn how to wear these beautiful gaments, and be inspired by the bold and vibrant patterns and accesories.


For die-hard street style lovers we’ve got everything the stylish J-fashion fan needs to complete their look, including cool pop culture items from exhibitors like the Harajuku Kawaii Official Shop, guaranteed to infuse instant kawaii to any outfit! From bling and frills to wild and wacky wigs in all the colours of the rainbow, no fashionista should leave HYPER JAPAN without at least a little new Japanese twist to their wardrobe.