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Food Court

Visitors to Eat-Japan 2014, part of HYPER JAPAN, are advised to turn up to this event area with a serious appetite. Once again, Eat-Japan will be hosting a special food court, filled to bursting with exclusively Japanese cuisine.

We’ll have a veritable army of Japanese food professionals, just waiting to feed you with their sumptuous offerings. From tempting street food, as well as super healthy blends of green tea, to exquisite sushi, premium sake, and traditional liqueurs from Japan, there will be food and drink to satisfy any taste.

In addition to reasonably priced, freshly prepared fare, visitors will be able to take specialist Japanese ingredients and cooking supplies.

Along with a variety of stalls selling hot food, hot and cold alcoholic and soft drinks, teas, cakes and kid friendly fare,  we will have more than enough Japanese candies and sweet treats to sate the cravings of any sugar fiend – the only dilemma is, how do you fit it all in?

Take the opportunity to gorge yourself on classic favourites from Japan like curry rice and ramen, discover fantastic new tastes, and challenge yourself to sample something totally new!