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HYPER JAPAN will be heaving with authentic examples of the unique styles, hobbies, and arts that fascinate the youth of Japan, offering an excellent day of pop-cultural exploration.


Game fans won’t want to miss our dedicated area, where they will find some of their very favourite stars. this year’s impressive showing included iconic brands from Nintendo and Namco Bandai. Trading card game aficionados too will be able to indulge in their favourite hobby with like minded players from around the UK, with tournaments TBC.

Anime and Manga

Fans of anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics) come together at HYPER JAPAN- and with companies like Manga UK bringing DVDs and J-comics, as well as Kodansha, publishers of series like Fairy Tail and Attack On Titan! That’s before even mentioning the stores upon stores laden with goods; we’ve got enough exhibitors and events lined up to satisfy even the most ardent of enthusiasts, giving fans the chance to get their hands on genuine character merchandise and hard to find items. Expect a huge selection of books, figures and other goods featuring your favourite characters.

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HYPER JAPAN is a well known highlight for UK fans of cosplay (the art of dressing up to bring to life characters from media such as anime and video games). We’ve hosted the UK qualifiers for international events like the Euro Cosplay Gathering and World Cosplay Summit in previous years, as well as running our own COSParade!

Details of our cosplay events can be found here.