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HYPER JAPAN’s Food & Culture Adventure

The first of our official tour is for all of you, or Japanese food lovers. From green tea ice cream to gorgeous ryokan dinner, the ‘HYPER JAPAN’s Food & Culture Adventure’ tour is the one you can enjoy Japanese varied food throughout Japan beyond your knowledge, as well as exploring Japanese cultures from the old to the new in one go.

This trip will be taking place this November, and accommodates only 16 people. If you are lucky to be one of the participants, you will start your trip in Tokyo, the world’s leading hi-tech capital, and then head to Matsumoto, Takayama or Japan Alps, Kyoto, Osaka, Mt Koya, Hakone and then head back to Tokyo. As an option, you may be visiting Kobe to find out how gorgeous & stress-free life the Kobe Wagyu Beef has been leading, or another ancient capital city of Nara.

Japan has so many range of food and drinks to offer. HYPER JAPAN has combined some of the typical and unique Japanese food in this itinerary; sushi at Tsukiji fish market, chanko nabe (sumo wrestler hot pot), shojin ryori or monk meal at a rural sacred temple, sake tasting at a sake brewery and more. While your stomach is full of rich and healthy food, you will consume your calories by having a good walk at a castle, mountains, temples, downtowns, a geisha district, wasabi farm and even over a volcano.

You will have plenty free time during the trip so that you can also take on whatever suits your taste and interest. Our guide will be always helpful to give you the best opportunities.

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*This tour is purely operated by InsideJapan Tours. HYPER JAPAN has exemption from any troubles or problems occurring from trip.

Hope you join in our best-ever value-for-money trip and find a life-lasting memory!