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Sasuke Ramen

A few years ago, finding authentic tasting Japanese ramen in the UK used to be about as hard as getting a full English fry up in Japan. But times they are a changing- and ramen is the new go to food for hungry Londoners looking for a little bit of authentic East Asian street food. Sasuke is set to be the latest noodle sensation to hit the UK’s capital, and one thing is for sure; these guys are serious about creating that perfect slurping experience. 

Composed of long chewy wheat noodles in a thick meat, fish or vegetable broth, heaped with extras such as of crunchy vegetables, seaweed, and slices of barbequed meat and egg, ever since this dish made its way to Japan from China, it has been the comfort food of choice for generations of hungry commuters and city workers. There are different regional variations around Japan, and although traditional flavours miso and pork broth are still the top choices today, if you want to experiment, you can even find fruity varieties in downtown Tokyo.

Although the Sasuke Japanese ramen and curry experience won’t be open until this autumn, HYPER JAPAN visitors will be able to get a preview of the ulitmate Japan soul food bliss in store for Londoners when Sasuke open up shop at HYPER JAPAN.