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Sushi Noms, Purveyors of Sugoi Snacks and Cool Collectibles!

HYPER JAPAN stalwarts Sushi Noms are stockists of a wide range of Japanese goods, edible and otherwise!
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, their selection of salivatory snacks should sate your cravings, with Japanese delights such as rainbows of Kit-kat and Pocky taste sensations, flavours ranging from Wasabi, Macha to Yubari Melon.

If you’re not hungry but need a different kind of Japanese fix, you can find goods like Mameshi Pamyu-Pamyu phone straps, Attack on Titan Nendoroid figures, Hello Kitty ice cream scribbler pens and Pokémon plushies to scratch that itch. You could even improve your Japanese language ability with some Moekana or Moekanji cards!

Sushi Noms will be at HYPER JAPAN 2014, but if you can’t wait to see what they bring to the event you can browse their full range on their website here.