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Tofu Cute cater to sweet teeth


Tofu Cute returns to HYPER JAPAN, to offer their large range of fun and fascinating Japanese sweets, snacks and drinks!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Tofu Cute’s range of delicious sweets, biscuits and chocolate from Japan. Many people have heard of Pocky sticks, but at HYPER JAPAN 2014 you’ll also be able to purchase the rarer and lesser-known Japanese treats. It’ll be the first time that some of these have ever been available in the UK.

The treats that Tofu Cute will be tempting you with include rich and creamy Meiji chocolate, chewy Puccho candy in several wacky flavours, traditional Japanese soda ramune in six different flavours, delicious matcha (green tea) biscuits, and many many more!

Anyone who has explored the cute and colourful world of Japanese snacks will know the delight of sampling a product for the first time. There is extraordinary attention to detail; every inch of the packaging is covered in beautifully designed images and text.

Tofu Cute looks forward to introducing your taste buds to new sensations! If you can’t wait until HYPER JAPAN, you can also peruse the full range of Tofu Cute’s Japanese snacks and sweets from their UK-based website at