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Tokyo Style Makeover Area

Ever wondered what it would be like to wear full Japanese street style? Wish you knew the secrets to creating a beautiful Lolita or gyaru style look, or something even more spectacular? The Tokyo Style Transformation Area at HYPER JAPAN 2014’s HYPER KAWAii!! area is here to make your J-style dreams come true!

We’ll be offering three different looks in the Tokyo Beauty Package zone, each one reflecting a different genre of Tokyo street style. Looks on offer include; Gyaru Style, Lolita and Sweet Lolita.To help you choose, we’ve put together a quick guide to each look, along with a bit more information about each distinctive J-street style.

Gyaru Style

Gyaru style is the look of choice for young ladies who favour a cool, fun and hip style. It’s most commonly seen around Tokyo’s downtown Shibuya area, where clubs, bars, karaoke, and shopping can be enjoyed 24 hours a day. The look focuses on making the eyes big and bold as well adding flattering facial contouring. The look is not complete without lower lashes and heavy eyeliner that makes the eyes look more doe-eyed. The nose and cheekbones are highlighted to create a slimmer illusion as well as depth.

Image Credit: Sandra Hadi and Tamara Gitter 




Lolita is one of the most well known genres of Japanese street fashion. In the context of this look, ‘Lolita’ relates to the innocent, pure qualities of this style. Wearers don outfits inspired by Victorian or Rococo era fashion, complete with frills, exaggerated bows, lace, and other sweet accessories.  Hair is long and lush, and make-up is doll-like and fresh looking, sometimes enhanced with extra flourishes such as face stickers, diamantes or other adhesive gems.


Image Credit: Sandra Hadi and Tamara Gitter 



Sweet Lolita

A fairytale variant of the Classic Lolita look, Sweet Lolita look is very soft, feminine and innocent. Pinks and dark brown are usually the most popular colour choices for the eye makeup, and pink round blushes and soft lips create a more dolly look. Long but non-dramatic upper lashes are the perfect option for this look and the lips are usually plump and glossy.


Image Credit: Sandra Hadi and Tamara Gitter