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Try Tempting Tipples at Our Premium Sake Shop


One of the perennial highlights of HYPER JAPAN events, the Premium Sake Shop, will be returning to the 2016 Christmas Market. It is a perfect chance to not only buy but also sample a wide range of sakes and other Japanese alcoholic beverages. It’s a rare opportunity in the UK, and one that’s not to be missed!

A BewSake-bigildering Array

Sake is becoming increasingly popular outside Japan, and what is becoming apparent to more and more people is just how many diverse varieties there are. Just as with wine and other beverages, there is a wide range of styles and quality levels at different prices, which can be difficult to navigate for the uninitiated. The HYPER JAPAN Premium Sake Shop is the ideal place to try before you buy.

Sparkling Gems

One category of sake that is coming increasingly to the fore is sparkling sake, which is wonderfully light and fruity. It makes a novel alternative to sparkling wine at parties or with nibbles. Cloudy sake, known as nigori sake, where some of the rice sediment is left in the liquor, is another deliciously different alternative that is catching on in many quarters. Again, you’ll be able to sample these and get advice on the best one for your requirements.

More Than Just Sake!

img_8922resizedNot a fan of strong-tasting liquors? Try a sip of umeshu! Made from steeping unripened plums in alcohol and sugar, umeshu’s fabulous fruity flavour and low alcohol content (10 to 15%) make it a popular treat even for those who normally shy away from stiffer drinks. Enjoy it hot or iced, straight or as a secret ingredient to spice up a classic cocktail – the possibilities are endless! Meanwhile for spirits enthusiasts looking for something fresh and exciting, we recommend shochu – an earthy spirit that has become very trendy of late.

With all this in mind, we’re delighted to invite visitors to HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2016 to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to further their knowledge of some hidden gems of the alcohol world and discover new taste sensations.