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Cosplay at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017!

Start cosplaying at HYPER JAPAN!

What better place to get started cosplaying? First time cosplayers are just as welcome as pros!
Check out the latest Japanese trends
There are loads of exhibitors showcasing the newest and best of otaku culture
Meet other anime fans and photographers
Various members of the media and HYPER JAPAN official press will be present during each session of the event. Show off all of that hard work!
Take part in a cosplay prop workshop
Just the thing to take your cosplaying to the next level!

You don’t have to step up on stage to show off your love for your favourite anime – cosplay at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2017 is all about supporting our visitors’desire to dress up and become the character of their choice,
regardless of how their costume is made! That’s right: handmade, shop-bought, cobbled together from knick-knacks in your garage – anything goes!


Join the Parade and Contest!

Join us for the COSParade (anything goes) or the COSTest (handmade only) and get a chance at winning an exciting prize! While HYPER JAPAN welcomes cosplayers of all experience levels, this new competition celebrates the skills of those cosplayers who go the extra mile to make bespoke costumes that show their love for the characters they portray.


In order to make HYPER JAPAN a safe and comfortable experience for all, we may enforce rules regarding weaponry and costuming. We will be announcing these as they’re decided.