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Cosplay at HYPER JAPAN!

We like to think HYPER JAPAN is an equal-opportunity cosplay event? First time cosplayers are just as welcome as pros! No matter what your orientation, age, gender, religion, politics, etc. We welcome you and your cosplay outfit! (Standard caveats apply)

Check out the latest Japanese trends

There are loads of exhibitors showcasing the newest and best of otaku culture.

Meet other anime fans and photographers

Various members of the media and HYPER JAPAN official press will be present during each session of the event. Show off all of that hard work!

You don’t have to step up on stage to show off your love for your favourite anime – cosplay at the HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018 is all about supporting our visitors’ desire to dress up and become the character of their choice, regardless of how their costume is made!

That’s right: handmade, shop-bought, cobbled together from knick-knacks in your garage – anything goes!


We want everyone to have a wonderful time when they come to HYPER JAPAN and do not want to inhibit your creative side, however if you are a cosplayer there are certain rules that need to be followed. These are:

Regarding Cosplay Outfits:

HYPER JAPAN is a family event, so please keep this in mind when cosplaying.

  • We have a zero tolerance for nudity
  • Outfits must be no smaller than standard swimwear, however, as the costume will be judged at the entrance, please bring something to cover yourself with in case
  • Outfits which give the illusion of nudity are also not permitted
  • Be aware – if your costume is deemed offensive or inappropriate, you may be asked to leave.
  • Use your best judgement and refrain from wearing anything overly revealing.
  • Please also refrain from wearing outfits which are overly similar to those of actual civil servants, security personnel, or members of the military.

Behavior Guidelines

HYPER JAPAN Winter 2018 is a family-friendly event and so we have a few guidelines we’d like for ALL attendees to our event to remember!


  • Be considerate towards fellow attendees.
  • Be considerate about the locations you pose for/take photographs.
  • Ask before taking a photograph of a Cosplayer.
  • Act responsibly with your cosplay props.


  • Block the central aisles where traders have their tables.
  • Take or pose for photos on the stairs.
  • Stand and pose in doorways and areas where people need to pass through or queue.
  • Act inappropriately with a prop (if it belongs to you or not).

Remember, if you can’t follow these guidelines, we will ask you to leave the event.

Regarding Cosplay Props:

  • Please read the detailed guidance on cosplay props here!
  • Bag searches will be carried out at the entrance and the organiser reserves the right to prohibit any items that are considered offensive or could cause harm.
  • If a part of your costume is not in accordance with these rules, the organisers will keep it for you while you enjoy the event.

Regarding Weapon Purchases

  • Detailed guidance on weapon purchases here!

The organisers reserve the right to make any final judgements on matters regarding cosplay outfits and props.