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Traditional Clothing

KimonoElegant, stylish and oh-so Japanese – the kimono is perhaps the best-known item of traditional Japanese attire. Made from layers of long, flowing garments tied with a wide belt, kimono are elaborately decorated, long-lasting, and often rather expensive. It has recently become popular in Japan to wear kimono with a modern twist, and shortened hemlines, high heels, hair clips and other such alterations to the traditional style are common.

In HYPER JAPAN’s Culture Area, fans of the authentic traditional style can get their hands on vintage kimono and accessories, while those who prefer to spice up old fashions with a new twist will also find plenty to suit their taste.

Come check out the many beautiful kanzashi hair pins on sale at Traditional Culture Space Miyabi, or pick up your very own kimono at Aoi Clothing or Fuji Kimono!