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What is Kawaii?


The word “kawaii” is associated with a huge variety of ideas and objects. In modern Japanese, the word means “cute,” “adorable,” or “loveable,” with undertones of a certain innocence, but kawaii as a concept is much broader than the English word “cute” suggests. Some Japanese sociologists have even suggested that “kawaii” can be used to represent pretty much everything that is acceptable and desirable in Japan.

HJ5_IMG_4447_Steffi_Santiag_26oWithin the context of Japanese street fashion, it has come to encompass the terms “cool,” “stylish,” and “lovely,”and is an all-purpose compliment about someone’s style or appearance.
Here at HYPER JAPAN we like to think of “kawaii” fashion as being any kind of alternative look that’s cool, creative and crazy – meaning that even outfits and accessories which fall outside of the English definition of “cute” have a well-deserved place in our HYPER Kawaii area!