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J-Style Shopping Bonanza: Find your “Kawaii”!

J-style-shoppingJapanese fashion has been relentless in its pursuit of clothing and accessories which are tasteful, cute, and stylish yet undeniably Japanese, and HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market will be assembling a small army of retailers who will be your window to the latest and best Japan has to offer.

Does your wardrobe contain a complex, multi-layered, accessorized, and overwhelmingly pastel-coloured outfit? Then you’ll probably already have this area on your to-visit list but there’s always room for just….one….more….outfit…. Or if your wardrobe is mostly the above, take it to the next level and mix and match with new additions!

Chi Day 1 (15)Also available will be the darker side of Japanese fashion, encompassing the punk rock, gothic, and visual-kei genres. Picture lots of leather, chains, studs and spikes. If you’re lucky, you may just find the crossroads of these genres and anime in the form of your favorite gothic anime character’s outfit!

Not quite ready to plunge into a full outfit replete with cat ears? Don’t worry. There are plenty of shops selling individual items of clothing and accessories at reasonable prices, enough to add a bright point to your current wardrobe without completely taking it over. Japanese fashion has made great progress in tasteful stylish yet undeniably feminine fashion items so be sure to drop by; you never know what surprise item awaits you.

Not to be overlooked is the incredible range of “goods” in the bodycare and makeup categories. Heart-shaped scalp massage pads, nonabrasive tights and leggings with added ceramic threads (for winter months) and a tasteful floral design, hairspray scented with gentle floral scents, eyelash extensions with a hint of purple and silver on the edges, the list goes on and on…

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