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Hands-on table workshops

If you have a few minutes to spare between shopping around for gifts and the next stage performance, why not check out the Table Workshop area, where you can engage in some hands-on activities? Workshop activities include learning how to bind books the traditional Japanese way, an introduction to “shogi” (Japanese chess-like game), origami, feltcraft, and more. Interested in a particular workshop but worried you might not have enough time? Most table workshops will be held on a recurring basis throughout the day, so there’s no need to worry if you miss one session.

japanese bookBook-binding
Create your own beautiful Japanese style book to use as a notebook, sketchbook or journal! Learn traditional Japanese binding techniques, use specialist bookbinding tools, learn how to manipulate paper and experiment with simple block printing to decorate your cover! While the workshop is suitable for all ages and no previous experience is required, parents may wish to supervise their children. Come and join “We Make Books” and bind your book!


needle_feltingNeedle Felting
Transform felt and merino wool into irresistably cute decorations perfect for your home and/or Christmas tree! Designs may include traditional mainstays like a Christmas tree, a star, in addition to Japanese designs like a miniature Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms. Cut and felt your way to a happy holiday season with Ms. Hiromi Watabe!


Go and Shogi
The Japanese strategy board games of Go and Shogi are ancient games stretching well back into antiquity, though chess players will notice similarities in both. Efren Rubio and other experienced players will be standing by with boards either for a friendly match, or a gentle introduction to these game. Don’t be daunted by the apparent complexity, as is chess – both are exciting windows into a world of cunning strategy and cutthroat moves!


Enjoyed by millions around the world, delicate origami creations born from a single piece of paper never cease to amaze. Volunteers are standing by to teach you how with a few folds and a twist, you can turn a piece of paper into a crane, a cup, or even a turtle! If you know a few patterns yourself, drop by and fold one for others to enjoy.